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PTEE: Killing Guards in Curst Prison Draws Lady's Disfavor

rokujoladyrokujolady Member Posts: 7
The redmine server is down so I'm going to post this here.

Bug: When the character has been mazed once already in PTEE for OSX (Steam), killing guards in Curst Prison draws the Lady's disfavor and thus blocks any progress in the game.

Expected: Player should be able to kill hostile guards in Curst Prison without getting killed later by Lady of Pain.

-Join the cult of the dead god in the cathedral in the Alley of Dangerous Angles. Incur the Wrath of the lady and get mazed for doing so. Get out of the maze.
-Avoid killing civilians or Dabuses.
-In the Curst Underground, rest up with the Monk, and go into the Curst Prison.
-Kill the initial monsters and move north into the prison. The guards will come at you and try to kill you. Kill them.
-Try to save the game, saving over a previous slot: You get the message "You have incurred the lady's disfavor, perhaps for the last time". You have to make a new slot to save.
-I know that killing these guards is what triggers this because I reproduced it by reloading from a saved game and saving after every action until I got to this point, when I was no longer allowed to save over existing games.

Severity: Bad. Pretty much makes it so I can't continue.


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