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Khira: Critical Role Minimal Reload Redemption Challenge

ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,272
As those who follow my No-Reload thread may know, my most successful run Khira was recently obliterated by Ziatar. As I have grown quite attached, I will be continuing my run with an idea that I acquired from @franco and his challenge ideas thread

The rules for this continued run shall be as follows

1. Standard Rule: Reload only when the main character dies. All other consequences must be dealt with.
2. Glitch Clause: Under the circumstances of an unfixable glitch (i.e. items disappearing for no reason, game crashing, plot relevant character missing, etc.) I am allowed to reload if I am unable to fix the glitch on my own
3. Critical Role: Upon the death of the main character, I must avoid a Critical Failure in order to granted the Boon of Power Word: Reload.

For Reloads 1-5: 1 on a D20 counts a Critical Failure (Game Over)
6-10: 1-2 on a D20 counts as a Critical Failure
11+: Anything 5 on less on a D20 counts as a Critical Failure

Now that this is out of the way, let us begin...


Roll: 6 (Reload Granted)

When last we left our hero, she was searching the depths of The Temple of Cyric for a wardstone so that she may enter Bridgefort.

Will she survive or will her 2nd chance be in vain?

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  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,272

    Ok THAT was unexpected


    You really are, Glint. You really are


    Nice job, Minsc (I think that's the first time in any of my playthroughs that a charm spell hasn't worked on Minsc)


    Oh crap, this thing can teleport!




    Double Ouch




    The only things I hate more than Flinds


    Can we all just take a moment and give Jennifer Hale props for coming back almost 20 years later and still playing Dynaheir perfectly? Many of the voice actors came back and gave it their all but the voices were different somewhat. Jennifer Hale as Dynaheir, Grey Delisle as Skie and Kevin Michael Richardson as Sarevok returned with spot on reprisals of their roles.

    I'm not harping on Jim Cummings or David Warner, they still sounded great but only a select few managed to come back perfectly.


    Oh boy kids, looks like your ol' buddy Zaram is in a bit of a pickle. What should he do? Use the Wand of Fire?


    Oh yes that's MUCH better


    I love this character. The Barghest is unwavering in his honor.


    This my friends is why Corwin should be LN instead of LG. And don't tell me can't because it's against the rules because Minsc has an illegal wisdom score and Haer'Dalis, Caelar, Hexxat and M'Khinn aren't even playable races.


    With the stunt you eventually pull in BG2 you're one to talk, missy.


    Note to self: Don't use Fireball next time (This guy puts Minsc to shame)

    Roll #2: 7 (Reload Granted)

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