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NWN: EE not taking screenshots on certain Persistant World Module and I cannot figure out why.

So, here's the issue. A server I play on recently switched over to a new setting. When they did so, my ability to take screenshots appears to have been removed. I've googled and searched the forum for this but I could not find any similar case.

When I am on this server, anytime I try to take a screenshot it simply creates an extension-less file called "EFU" (Which is, according to the DMs, the name of the module). It appears to hold no content and is 0 bytes (though "size on disk" seems to be anywhere from 17mb to 30ish, so far). If I do not delete this file then it is modified whenever I try to take a screenshot on this server. If I delete it, it is returned the next time I take a screenshot.

I can take screenshots fine on the main menu, character creation, etc as well as on other servers. An example photo is below.

The _0000.tga, _0001.tga, etc are from menu screens in NWN. The "Arelith" are from when I joined another server to test it out. The "EFU" file is what I spoke about.

I am at my wit's end with this. I am hoping someone here knows whats going on because I certainly don't and taking screenshots is something I really enjoy. I've had terrible experiences with the built in steam stuff.

Thanks for your time.


  • OserynOseryn Member Posts: 8
    That just started happening to me a few weeks ago - out of the blue there's no screenshot - just a 0 byte file that's named after the first part of the module name. I took multiple screenshots and then immediately checked the screenshot directory and that empty file is updated every time I pressed the "prt sc" button. Bummer - I'll see if I can get screens in 1.69 to compare.

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