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Potion of power bugged?

I'm seeing following in an umodded game:
- Charname is a sorcerer with hp (after familair): 93/93
- I drink 20 potions of power and recieve 16 bonus to my hp per potion, so hp becomes 413/413
- When the potions start to wear off I lose 16hp of my max hp, but I also lose 120hp of my current hp. It does not go lower than my original hp though.

So I'm seeing:
All potions active: 413/413
First potion wears off: 293/397
Second potion wears off: 173/381
Third potion wears off: 93/365
Forth potion wears off: 93/349
etc until back to 93/93

Is this expected behaviour?
I would expect that current and max hp both drop 16 each round.



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