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Help an nostalgic old gamer

Hello fellow Bhaalspawn, I have a favour to ask. Today I was browsing the App Store on my iPad and I just couldn’t help myself when i saw good old Baldur’s gate so I bought it. I played that game for years and now I just want an nostalgic ride with my pally through the game. Unfortunately I don’t have access to bg2 on pc so no save game editing. Exported save file on iOS is zip folder with .chr and .bio file with the extension .bg2character. Now my ocd just doesn’t let me sleep and I am no longer willing to roll till kingdom come.
If somebody would be kind enough to modify my character by adding stats that you would get in tomes in bg1 and zip the two files with the same extension I would truly appreciate it.
So +1 to all stats except WIS which gets +3. I really want that 19str since I am hoarder in rpgs.

Thank you kindly.

EDIT: I just made the account on beamdog forum to post this and I didn’t read the’s probably mentioned that I cannot upload archives, since, well the button doesn’t work. I will paste google drive link. I reall don’t know anything simpler. Once again thanks.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,719
    Hi @MythSeekerEX, small prob. The link to Google drive requires a login. Would you be able to modify the share so that it is for 'anybody that has the link'?

    It is only the extension that has the problem with uploading to Beamdog. There are a list of extensions that are permitted somewhere, but you can see the extension types when you click on 'attach file' and look at the supported types. Zip is supported btw.


  • MythSeekerEXMythSeekerEX Member Posts: 3
    Hey Gus, link sharing is on now so anyone should be able to edit. Sorry about that, I am amateur with cloud storage. Thanks

  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,101
    Hello @MythSeekerEX ! I tried to do this, you should only rename the .zip file, if all is good. I never done this before however, so let us know if it doesn't work.

  • MythSeekerEXMythSeekerEX Member Posts: 3
    It worked. Thank you folks. I have something to admit. Two things happened that I wouldn’t ever think of. First p, I finally went to play pathfinder kingmaker. I was delaying it for long because none of the characters I wished to play as really meshed well with the companions you get. Then I started as a rogue. First rogue I ever played in any RPG. It is a blast, not only am I super op as an archer, but I actually have a proper place in my party since I am only actual rogue. After 4th level you go into vivisectionist and bam spells without arcane casting failure. Best class in the game in my opinion. Just had to say it.
    Now, while I was waiting for my pally I started playing as a cleric/ranger and once again I am stunned by how useful they are. Full divine spells, full ranger progression, some of the best weapons in the game are hammers, flails and maces. And you get two pips in two weapon style off the bat for free. All that for just one level delay as a multi class. I really don’t see any downsides. I think I will use this char to try npcs I never used and pally will be for my standard party goody play through.

    Sorry for the ramble and thanks once again.

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