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Not getting HLAs

Jah77Jah77 Member Posts: 2
Everybody in my party has over 3M xp and all the other party members are getting HLAs - except my cleric player character. I just reached level 24, but the Abilities button still remains grey. Is this supposed to happen?

I should probably mention that this is an imported character who was originally a Priest of Tyr, but lost his kit during the import. Wonder if that could be causing problems?


  • Jah77Jah77 Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2019
    Turns out the issue was indeed caused by a faulty import. Although my character appeared to be kitless, he had his kit set to some unknown value in EEKeeper. so I guess he wasn't getting any HLAs because that unknown kit didn't have any defined for it. After I changed the kit to Priest of Tyr, the Abilities screen showed up normally at next level-up. Case closed.

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