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Quick question about IWD Lore (Spoilers)

beamdoggobeamdoggo Member Posts: 5
Hi. I've been trying to read up on Icewind Dale material, both from the game and from the region itself in D&D. It's been a while since I've played IWD (I still have the original version) as it's installed on an aging laptop, which isn't working at the moment (and may take months to fix) and I've long lost the box and manual many years ago.

Because it's been a while, I was taken by surprise yesterday when I stumbled on the Forgotten Realms Fandom wiki. In the (bare bones) page about Dorn's Deep, it states: "Within the depths of this fortress was a statue of an elf and a dwarf sitting on a double throne".

Now, it *has* been a while. I remember that until Nym stole the dwarven weapons, both the dwarves of DD and the eleves of the Hand of Seldarine got along fine. I remember the elven archmage Larrel from the Hand. Though I can't remember much about DD's background, I think the dwarven leader was Dorn, yes? But the thing I can least remember is that statue mentioned on the page.

Was there actually such a double throne in the game itself, or not?

Thanks in advance :)


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