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Help! dialog.tlk edit but not really??

MehZhureMehZhure Member Posts: 21
edited June 2016 in BG:EE Mods
Alright...I am out of ideas. I have no trouble editing items in game, or save games, or character files. But, no matter what I do, thus far, BG refuses to acknowledge any new additions to the dialog.tlk file. I have already been over all the forums, and tried all the suggestions, but nothing works. Here is where it has gotten really weird...but first...the tools.

I have been using EE Keeper, Near Infinity, and DLTCEP for editing. Mainly depends on what I am doing, by what I use, but it is one of those three. If I edit the dialog.tlk in DLTCEP...I can see the additions in EE Keeper, and DLTCEP, but NI and BG can't see them. If I edit the dialog.tlk with NI...EE Keeper and DLTCEP see them, but NI and BG cannot.

So, I know the edits are being saved in the dialog.tlk...but BG and NI can not find them, and EE Keeper and DLTCEP can. And yes, I know the file is in the correct folder (I did some experimentation to make sure).

The only thing I can think of is that is must have something to do with the SoD DLC. I got it via GOG, and they have a different method of installation. As far as I can tell, all the SoD files stay in a file named "", and it is decompressed on the fly. There are no other folders where the files in this zip are located.

Given all this information, is it possible BG and NI are reading the file from the, and EE and DLTCEP are reading the file from the ../lang/en_US/ folder?

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  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,099
    It's indeed the SoD DLC. As you guessed, the file contains all SoD-related stuff, including the relevant dialog.tlk which is used by the game. DLTCEP and older versions of EE Keeper don't support DLC content yet and read from or write to the wrong dialog.tlk.

    You can use modmerge to make the game ready for modding.

  • MehZhureMehZhure Member Posts: 21
  • MehZhureMehZhure Member Posts: 21
    Just a quick FYI to anyone having the same issue, I used this mod, and it did NOT break the game (running BG1 w/SoD - v2.2.66.0). I did have to create a 'dlc' folder in the BG directory, and move the zip file into that directory, but other than that, there were no issues.

  • FaolRuaidhFaolRuaidh Member Posts: 3
    edited September 2019
    I had the same problem. I edited within NearInfinity and when I tried to save it said the dialog.tlk was in a "locked archive". Nothing I could find would let me edit the file. What I finally did to solve the problem was to download ModMerge from @ScottBrooks and unzip it into the BG:EE game directory. I ran the program and it changed the to a directory which can be edited and allow you to save the dialog.tlk without affecting the game. This worked with GOG download BGEE v.

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