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Which PW? Looking for low magic realm, slow advancement with harsh(ish) death penalties

Used to play on The Guardian Chronicles, looking for something similar.

Looking for:
1. a low magic items world.
2. full xp loss (for the current level) on death (no level loss tho)
3. slow(ish) advancement
4. RP encouraged
5. also a relatively new world would be nice, not a very old realm where every character running around is already level 20 and fully decked out.

any tips would be great.


  • BalanorBalanor Member Posts: 170
    edited July 2019
    Thay meets some of what you're looking for. It is a RP-focused PW.

    Magic Items are rare-ish. Anything above +2 is not easy to come by, and anything above +4 is pretty much non-existent. Although we have enchantment forges that allow PCs to add a variety of enchantments on their items, and what enchantments are available at these forges increases with the PC's notoriety - our reputation system.

    PCs get a limited number of "free respawns" (explained in ICly by mysterious allies saving them), after that there is XP loss for a dead PC to return from the Fugue. With our custom XP system, it is possible to fall to negative XP for a PC's current level, but a PC will not actually get de-leveled if they fall to negative XP.

    It is a long-running world (around since 2008, although we "rebooted" and everyone started new when NWNEE came out), but the afore mentioned custom XP system is time-based once PCs reach level 3 and beyond, so advancement is slow. Most regulars have PCs in the 5-10 range, with long-term players who created characters when we rebooted on NWNEE having a few that are at level 14 now (I think).

    It's definitely not for everyone, but since it sounds like it might be something along the lines you're looking for, maybe give it a once-over. And if it's not for you, well....thanks for looking, and happy trails.

  • ListenMirndtListenMirndt Member Posts: 24
    Sounds good!!! Thanks Balanor, I'll be dropping in :)

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    Be sure to check out World of Isandor.

    Low level, low magic, fairly new

    Though it is perma death. and focuses on civilization and survival. With city building elements.

  • DawdleslogDawdleslog Member Posts: 6
    I can do 4 out of 5 with:

    Bit of a different experience from the typical PW, XP gain is handled two unique ways, exploration xp, for finding new areas (typically more per exotic area) and XP spots in dungeons or dangerous places. Generally you get more after a big fight, but some of them just require you to get there, however how (sneaking was an experience, too!).

    Actually we have a fairly regular team up, an interesting party setup with a rogue, ranger and a halfling monk who invested some in stealth, picking off what we can in the underground, sneaking past some encounters, strategically handling others.

    No class is really essential, but it is riskier for some to solo until you are familiar with the server, but it is doable. Druids, barbs, priests, fighters may have the simplest time at it. I would put mages up there, if you are familiar. Summon creature spells were nerfed for time, but you can change the theme and get different creatures, with different utilities and you can control where they move and attack to an extent.

    Death isn't handled exactly how you describe it, on TER, level 1 has a handful of free respawns, they can respawn with no penalty, if they are not near their party, they are teleported to Outentown. Otherwise they can respawn on spot.

    Past level 1, you must be rescued and revived, or buried. The server is littered with tombstones of PCs who couldn't hack it. You can do a respawn if you are near a party member not in combat, but there is a roll to see if you lose an attribute. The chances for stat loss are significantly higher if you fully die and require a revive/resurrection (~1 gold piece). This will be required after 5 minutes of being "dead".

    If you end up with ability scores lower than 4, you body will die permanently unless you remove the attribute loss with greater restoration (1 platinum piece, no easy swing), or restore the attributes with a regular restoration (1 silver piece), but that is for 24 hours or until rest. You can be buried and create a tombstone, which others can etch messages on. But your body can be exhumed at any time, moved or restored.

    Since it came up, it uses a custom money system to emulate pen and paper, 1 nwn gold = 1 copper, 50 coppers 1 SP, 20 SP is 1 gold, 10 gold is one PP.

    The server has been around since late '14 (still babyish for NWN PWs :P), but the max level is 8, so the power contrast isn't incredibly stark, I don't think the xp hit is too much, either. That said, just about everyone will switch to a lower level alt if that's what is called for.

    Now, level 8 may be the max level, there is going to be a system for more horizontal growth for max level characters. Once the E8 system (Epic 8, or epic at 8) they can use their otherwise worthless XP to buy new scripted special abilities, feats, things like this, or continue their prestige class to the capstone. When it is finished, it will hands down be the most interesting place to be pre-epic, as far as character builds and special abilities go.

    Also, it is the prettiest server I've seen, and most real feeling. It's very modern in this respect, seamlessly using all the content packs from the ground up, as well as some custom in-house hak content (I don't think you'll see our redone heads anywhere else).

    Anyway, if this doesn't sound to your speed, there is like... EFU? But hop on here, we have a discord bot that bumps a channel showing the amount of players on, so if you hop on, somebody may join you. Word of warning, it has been Euro-centric for the last few months, but there's plenty of overlap on US times, especially on the weekends. East coast squad is holding on, though we were much healthier like 3 months ago >:\ Bad timing, one of my friends took a break and a regular burned out. I think it can be kickstarted into full gear again, with another person or two.

    We have some interesting plots warming up, some of them PCs started entirely and were taken up by DMs, usually these specific events are done scheduled on the weekend.

    Good luck, I hope you don't have to compromise your desires too much.

  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 129
    edited September 2019
    Hey @ListenMirndt remember that one time 17 years ago when we went to the Amaranth dungeon for the first time and we didn’t know it was the first time any of us had ever been in a FullPVP area and you killed everyone with your chain lightning and Ras had like -131 hit points?

    Because I do.

    PS the levels go up to 40 now since 2003.

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