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Sod importing questions

I’ve played through bg1ee and imported to bg2ee, what I’m wondering is: Can you import from bg1ee to SOD, and then take the same character from SOD to bg2ee and keep the experience and and everything? So say I hit the level cap in bg1 then went to SOD, would I start off at the bg1 cap? And then if I hit the cap in SOD, would I start bg2ee at the SOD cap? I’m playing on IOS btw


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,217
    I'm not sure about the IOS platform, but I took my character from BG1EE straight into SoD and then imported him into BG2EE without issues. I modded my game to remove the XP cap, so while I generally finished BG1 and SoD around the XP cap (usually a little higher thanks to doing every single available side quest and companion quest), I arrived in BG2 about 1 level higher than normal.

  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 957
    Hi @LordHarkon
    You can export / import your character and save games just fine from BG:ee to SoD in iOS.

    The character export is the easiest. The save games are done by long tapping the quick save button.

    You get the keep your xp either way, but not your containers - so unload them, and just keep the best.

    From SoD and BG:ee into BG2:ee it’s done the same way. But don’t export the save game - the save game does give your character xp above the level cap but rerolls your HP.

  • LordHarkonLordHarkon Member Posts: 3
    @StummvonBordwehr last question, can you beat bg2ee and then import into SOD and keep the xp?

  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 957
    edited October 2019
    The XP is only saved when you export the savegame - which I won’t recommend because it really screws up the HP you have rolled.

    If you really want to export your save game and char name, you can long tap in bg2:ee as well - and then export to Dropbox. Then rename you save game in Dropbox and then export it to SoD - it should work that way around.

    I you are fond of a character, you can export your characters to IWD as well. Don’t think a save game export is manageable that way around.

    There is a thread you should check out as well. It teaches the basics of modding your phone for more fun

  • IecerintIecerint Member Posts: 419
    I though I would post here instead of making a new thread.

    When you import a character, I know that your other party members come with you for the first dungeon and bring their items (except Imoen), and that items not worn will be available in the Ducal palace afterward.

    Does this also apply to characters who return but AREN'T in the party? For example, if I used Edwin a little but he's only level 2, will he "downlevel" to level 2, or be at whatever the standard SoD level is? Do his items get replaced?

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