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Planar sphere runes bug on valygar quest means stuck forever! ***SPOILERS****

SirBaldurSirBaldur Member Posts: 76
Im stuck in the planar sphere forever bec 2 of the 4 runes of the rune puzzle room aren’t active.

The bottom and right runes can be clicked and cause an explosion, but the top and left runes don’t do anything. Clicking on them just sends your char to stand on top of it and nothing else happens. As a result I can’t open the door to the lower levels where apparently I need to put the demon heart to travel back to faerun.

Searching the forums or google yielded no similar posts from what I could find.

I am using an android tablet with no mods.

Another potential oddity - I met Lavok and got the instructions abt the demon heart etc, but according to the runthroughs, tolgerias was supposed to show up at some point, but I never saw him.

Any insight greatly appreciated, esp as restarting wouldn’t guarantee the same situation wouldn’t arise again!

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