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Beamdog Client stuck in download

prwoprwo Member Posts: 69
I'm trying to update to the newest NWN:EE Development build, but the download is stuck at 92.05MB remaining @ 0 B/s

When I restart it, it tries to download, but soon the rate drops to 0 without having downloaded anything.
I cannot Verify the game or Play because both buttons are disabled.
Pausing and Continuing the Download doesn't do anything.

Beamdog Client Version 2.1.11
NWN game Version v78.8191 [aa295596] Development

I've tried on another computer with a freshly installed beamdog client, but it doesn't get to download anything either.
(I've checked firewall settings already and other programs download just fine.)

Has anyone experienced this?


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,837
    We are confirming the issue and will try to fix it.

  • prwoprwo Member Posts: 69
    Another information: the very same beamdog client could successfully download the whole NWN:EE Retail branch.

  • prwoprwo Member Posts: 69
    I did another experiment: I uninstalled the beamdog client and deleted the Beamdog Library folder completely. Then I reinstalled Beamdog Client Setup 2.1.11-ia32.exe
    Downloading NWN:EE Development is stuck after about 1GB
    Downloading NWN:EE Retail works

  • prwoprwo Member Posts: 69
    Note: I was able to fully update to the latest development branch on my weekend computer before.
    According to nwnmain.exe's timestamp this update was on 2019-10-12
    This was before my other computers started to have struggles doing the same update a few days later on.

    This is the Beamdog configuration on said weekend computer:

    NWB:EE shows v79.8192 [75353e20]

    Aurora Toolset's "About" dialog shows:
    Game Version: v1.79
    NWToolset Version: vts78

    nwnmain.exe SHA-1: 6066a96adad7603efc1b071927059ad6df155942
    nwtoolset.exe SHA-1: 3c00448a8c34e3ca9c2ca52055b600d6d3490f35

    Beamdog client's "Settings" dialog shows:
    Version 2.1.11

    Beamdog Client.exe file version:
    Beamdog Client.exe SHA-1: d3664e1334ae92875906317f601bd3060e9dfbef

  • prwoprwo Member Posts: 69
    I deleted the folder Beamdog Library\00829 from my workday computer (where the download was stuck) and replaced it with a copy of the one from my weekend computer (where the download had worked 2 weeks ago).
    Started the Beamdog client Version 2.1.11 (Beamdog Client.exe file version: and it verified the Development branch as complete now.

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