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(iOS) NPCs Not Transferring After First Chapter

I’ve been trying to find an answer for this but can’t seem to.
In the PC version if you play from BGEE into SOD or import a save all the NPCs come over as is.
I’m trying to do a play through on my tablet and Chapter 1 in SOD plays out fine, but when I try to re-recruit Minsc and Dynaheir they come through as new characters, don’t have the equipment I left them with or any of the skills and spells I selected for them.
I find reference that this issue is a glitch in the PC version, but I’ve gotten it both times I’ve played from the beginning and am trying to figure out if it is just a default for the iOS version for some reason or if I have some other issue happening.


  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 952
    I am afraid that’s it’s a known bug. It has been filed and will be taken care off (I hope).

    The NPC’s are somehow forgotten by the game and their gear/stats are being overwritten somehow.

    The big happens every time you save and load a game - so if you could “just” finish the game by somehow not loading the game once it’s started - and thereby keeping the stats and gear.

    If you want to work around the bug, you could recruit some of the NPC’s:

    1) start a new SoD campaign with an imported savegame,
    2) don’t save the game and definitely don’t reload it (you can just turn story mode on - it’s very legit in this case),
    3) finish the first dungeon and head for the surface,
    4) go straight for Minsc, Dynaheir and Safana in the city and recruit them,
    5) The NPC’s with stats, HP and gear should be fine (or at least as they where in the exported savegame).

    Getting the rest gets increasingly difficult. But the first three are manageable.

  • UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 100
    Does this happen all the time with all versions of the game, or is it a somewhat rare bug?

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,608
    we sure this is a bug. it seems like it might be intended behavior as you lose all your gold when you leave the tutorial dungeon.

  • UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 100
    I wouldn't think that losing all gold should mean that all your friends and allies should forget all the spells and skills you taught them. Losing the gold is a story reason and also an attempt to balance the economy for the duration of the expansion...losing all the spells Dynaheir knows can't really be justified.

  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 952
    edited November 2019
    It is a bug - and as far I know an iOS only.

    The loss of gold is expected behaviour. But the NPC’s loose spells, HP, proficiencies and gear when recruited is not expected behaviour.

    The bug was discovered some months ago by another user. I reproduced it, found the work around and filed the bug with a save game on Redmine - with help from Julius Borisov (Redmine was the bug reporting site back then).

    It will be fixed when 2.6 comes... I hope

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