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What's supposed to happen when you fail to pickpocket a sleeping person?

What's happening to me on the Nintendo Switch version is...first I pickpocket and it says "the target has no items that can be stolen by a cutpurse of your skill," and then if I continue to try to pickpocket them, eventually the pickpocket fails. At this point the sleeping person teleports out of their bed to the floor, still asleep, but now with a red circle around them and hostile, but they don't do anything or move. I can kill them for loss of reputation.

Did this happen in the original game? Is this an EE bug, or just a console bug?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,875
    if the game say; "the target has no items that can be stolen by a cutpurse of your skill"

    that means at your current pick pocket score there is nothing to pick pocket/left to do so, or your score isn't high enough

    so when you see that message you either need to improve that score or go to your next target ( if you get this message with 100% in pick pockets, that truly means there is nothing to pick pocket )
  • UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 100
    I know that, but when you continue to pickpocket after it says that, sometimes (always?) you can eventually get "pick pocket failed" and the target goes hostile. And when this happens with sleeping people it's weird!

    So the bug could be that pick pockets should never fail when that message happens. Or the bug could be that sleeping people should never have the failed pickpocket reaction that everyone else does, because clearly the game doesn't know how to handle it, they don't have an animation set or anything, just a static lying down pose.

    I'm curious what happened in the original game. From what I understand, the "no items can be stolen" message wasn't in the original.
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