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Project: Gorgon

jjstraka34jjstraka34 Member Posts: 9,230
edited September 2018 in Off-Topic
I've been doing some threads here about alot of games I have been trying out since I recently sold my PS4 and all my games to cover the costs of my PC wishlist. And one of the games I was most interested in was Project: Gorgon.

Though I was never around in the early days of MMOs before World of Warcraft took the genre by storm and changed it forever (and believe me, I am aching for the eventual release of the Classic servers), I have always been interested in what made the people who played them so fond of progenitors like Asheron's Call and Everquest. Everquest of course still exists, but it isn't like it was, and it's interface is still almost impossible to navigate. A few years ago I actually bought a copy of Asheron's Call, but it was the servers were shut down shortly thereafter.

Project: Gorgon is an attempt to create a PvE sandbox in the spirit of those games. It is being made by a two person team (and it's incredible how much they have accomplished given that fact). Even it's graphics, which some are going to complain about, are absolutely purposeful, meant to evoke the feelings of entering Norrath for the first time.

This game gets it right. If you want a grindy, skill-based MMO with literally HUNDREDS of unique skills to level up, this is your jam. There is no PvP. It's the kind of game where you set modest goals for yourself every time you log in and try to meet them. It has such varying professions as gender studies and learning the language of goblins. Above all, it wants you to EXPLORE a world and be a part of it.

Now, this game is not going to be for everyone. This is a VERY niche title. Though the game is in early-access, it is more realistic to look at it as basically a finished product that is getting new features added (like all MMOs do). The core of the game is grinding out skills, grinding out items for skills, and farming. The core gameplay loop of these type of old-school MMOs (even Vanilla WoW to an extent) is repetitive tasks against respawning enemies or resource nodes. I don't know exactly why this type of gameplay appeals to some, but it is something alot of people, including me, find fascinating and value. Though this is probably the single most solo-friendly MMO in this particular vein I have seen, dungeon and boss content will still require help in many cases. The community is small, but they love what they are supporting. Since there is no PvP, and the PvE scene doesn't have the competitive aspect that has been in place since Blizzard released the Burning Crusade, it is basically devoid of toxicity.

The price is steep at $40, but there is no subscription. And the game has obviously been made with love for a very specific-type of game that was popular at the turn of the century. Except with a workable, intuitive modern interface, which is always wonderful to have. I would certainly not recommend it for everyone. This type of gameplay just doesn't translate to everyone's taste. But if you DO long for the days of pre-WoW expansion MMOs, then Project: Gorgon is filling that very small need. And it's great that they are.

I'm gonna go wander into the first tutorial dungeon to see if I can get an empty bottle to drop. Because I need to then fill that bottle with water to make a potion to give to an NPC in a shack on the island who won't let me read his book because he is depressed. I need to read his book so I can learn and start leveling up the Psychology combat skill. If you have played an MMO prior to 2006, you understand what I'm talking about here. If that sounds like your idea of fun, consider taking the $40 plunge. You probably won't regret it.

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  • SorcererV1ct0rSorcererV1ct0r Member Posts: 2,125
    Sorry for bumping, but tested a little the game. In nutshell. What i liked and disliked?

    1. Graphics
    2. Cooldowns
    3. Itemization (too much of your char is on your gear)
    4. Easy to swap skills at will
    5. don't like some requirements, like having to have at least 25 fire magic skill to learn cold magic

    1. No skills are given for free, for eg, to be a fire magician, you need to spend fortunes or be lucky on rare components. Sulfur and Saltpeter can make you go bankrupt. Necromancy? You need to defeat a very hard dungeon boss. I only did it thanks to the help of other high level players
    2. Necromancy. Multiple summons. I love have 2 skeleton mages and a zombie.
    3. A lot of cool stuff to do, you can even shapeshift into a gigant bat for eg.
    4. No themepark BS, is player driven, player made fun, etc
    5. I don't know why but is one of the best games that i've played in the "fun" department
    6. No handholding.
    7. Reagents and requirements for certain spells, for eg, to summon skeleton battle make, you " must be in a graveyard to use this ability. It consumes two Femurs."

    I will keep playing and enjoy the game. Could be better, but is IMO a solid 8.5/10.

    In what mmo can you assume a gigant bat form? I an not playing it as a gigant bat, i an at moment leveling necromancy. What i an loving about necromancy is that necromnacy doesn't require expensive reagents and the pets are cool. Also you have more control over the battlefield than fire magic.


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