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Cannot find a special mod which let the normal weapons not break

cartesiicartesii Member Posts: 10
Greetings dear BG-Fans,

a long time ago i enjoyed playing BG:EE with BWS (which is not working anymore i found out recently) and there was a mod which let me deactivate the fact that weapons could break before the nashkal mines.

Can anyone remember the mod name?

Edit: Oh ya and by the way, is there any chance to let me reg. full HP at the INN again? I cannot remember that this was even changed at all.



  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    I haven't heard of the unbreakable weapons mod, but if you go to Options > Gameplay you should be able to tick/activate 'Rest until healed". It allows you to recover all your HPs upon resting, not only at inns but anywhere.
  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 217
    In the latest version of the EE game you can get unbreakable weapons early by
    Completing Nashkel mines quickly and bringing the bottle of mineral poison to Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost. He will add "quality" non-magic weapons to his shop which do not break.

    Note that katanas, wakizashis, ninja-to, clubs and staves also do not break. Not sure if scimitars break or not. (Scimitars and hide armour were added in TotSC expansion and oriental weapons in the EE). Presume the logic is that they are exotic imported weapons and not produced locally from tainted ore.

    Axe users can get a cheap magic throwing axe "Beruel's Retort" at Thunderhammer Smithy which can be changed to melee mode for an unbreakable melee axe. Compared to standard battle axe it is +1 to thaco and hits for 2-7 + modifiers vs 1-8 + modifiers. Handy option for Kagain and Khalid.

    Personally I just carry three of every breakable weapon type and dump the spares when I get a magical version.

    Alternatively you could use console or EE-keeper to add the non-breakable weapons that you want as they have a unique item code.
  • cartesiicartesii Member Posts: 10
    Thank you anyway :)
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