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Where can I find Baldur's Gate portraits (and/or voices) and where do I put the files?

I have looked all over creation to find this it would be much appreciated if someone could help me with this.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,608
    for portraits you need to go to the directory that is in the "documents" folder aka where the notepad looking thing is for when you want to add cheats to the game or increase frame rate ect...

    in that directory you need to make a folder called "Portraits" then dump your portraits in there, also if im not mistaken their name can only be 8 characters long or else the game might not be able to pick them up

    for sounds, you will need to go into the installation directory and then go into the language folder, if you are on steam then it will look something like this:

    Local Disk/ Program Files(x86)/ Steam/ steamapps/ common/ - game in which you wish to place your sounds in -/ lang/ - language in which you play the game in -

    if you installed via client, then it will probably be in the progam files (x86) and then in the beamdog folder and then so on

    then choose the language you play the game at, and then there should be a sound folder and just put your sounds in there, and again i believe you are only allowed 7 characters plus the "x" character for which sound type it is aka; sounda, soundb, soundc, soundd ect

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