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"Justifying" the Blackguard as the protagonist.

Greetings y'all!

I have been struggling with trying to decide on a character I want to play to finally complete the BG experience. Many...many.. years ago, I made it half way through with a HOrc assassin, but life got in the way and I still to date haven't finish the game. Last thing I remember, was backstabbing squid peoples to death. I've played through BG1 several times now, with the intent to go the distance.. but always end up stopping. I figure, it's the character or my innate lack of focus.. either or.. Anyway, with all the pondering, I dreamt up Edmund the Kind.

You see, Edmund always wanted to be a Paladin, so bad he could taste it. Good triumphing over evil! Slaying the evil basterds that killed his mom! Protecting sister and making papa proud of him. Ya! But Edmund never quite stood to the challenge... Like that time Papa had to pull him off Puffguts after he dared to ACCUSE sister of stealing! Papa always said he was too rash and while his heart was in the right place, he was too eager to punish.

Edmund ALWAYS did the right thing, but everyone else would berate him for "causing more problems then he solved" Pfft.. "that basterd had it coming!" No one understands.. Edmund petitioned time and time again to become a true hero! A paladin! Saver of the weak! Protector of the innocent! But alas, he was always refused.

Over time, poor.. poor.. Edmund became despondent.. No one would ever accept him as the hero he truly is. He would mope and complain and refuse to do his chores. He would never be a Paladin.. Papa would never be proud of him and he would never be able to bring TRUE justice to the world..

Or so he thought.. And for a long time he thought and stewed.. On one fateful eve, I, the narrator of Edmund's tale offered him the chance to be a "Paladin".. and so it was, that I became his patron. And now Edmund can go and save the world as the "hero" he was always meant to be!



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