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Unfinished bussiness components integrated into BG 2:EE

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,133
    Here is the same for BG2. Another must have mod for me.
    Listed below is an explanation of some of the mod's components:

    A. The Kidnapping of Boo, by Cliffette

    Minsc is by far one of the most colorful characters in the game. Many wonder, however, why he is one of the few NPCs who did not receive a quest. The answer--Bioware cut it before release. A shame actually, as his quest was particularly unique--Boo has been kidnapped!!! This particular component has been coded and scripted by Cliffette (using some of David Gaider's original quest dialog), and it is amazing. Minsc has never been so... um... Minsc-y ;). A separate readme has been packaged for this quest.

    B. The Suna Seni/Valygar Relationship Restoration

    Valygar got hit pretty hard when Bioware was forced to scrap many of its ideas. One of the more significant cuts was that of his relationship with Suna Seni. Since there are several Valygar romances in the works, we decided to stick to restoring his past, not his present. Hopefully this component will help give the sullen ranger a bit more personality.

    C. Kalah and What He Was Promised, by Andyr

    What was promised to Kalah, and who promised it to him? How did he suddenly acquire his powers? This mod small attempts to give a version of the answers. You need to not have done the circus tent quest for this to activate. The original quest proceeds as normal, though when you leave the circus tent afterwards the new section should proceed. It is a short addition, with several possible outcomes depending on your choices.

    D. Cat and Mouse: Bodhi hunts you in Spellhold, by Ghreyfain

    Presumably in an effort to tone down the difficulty level of BG2, certain components were cut, one in particular being Bodhi's threat to hunt down the player in his/her desperate escape from Spellhold. This component restores her behaviour, and she will appear after a given amount of time, which is set anywhere from several hours to 2 days, depending on difficulty level and player level. Special thanks go out to Ghreyfain for writing and lending us this component.

    E. Gorje Hilldark and the Extended Illithium Quest

    Remember Unger Hilldark, the duergar who gave you the run-around while you were trying to find illithium for the temple? Well, as it turns out, Bioware originally had a different route for the player to take. Enter Gorje Hilldark, Unger's brother, who is trapped--somewhere--and holds the key to your illithium problem. If you thought Korgan was crass, wait until you meet this pair...

    F. The Pai'Na/Spider's Bane Quest

    This component restores a quest that was cut by Bioware prior to the game's release. It offers an alternative method to appeasing Pai'Na, the drow hive master druid found in Bodhi's lair.

    G. Restored Crooked Crane

    With the exception of the lich-in-the-wall, the Crooked Crane Inn has never been very worthwhile. Bioware seems to have had some plans for the inn, however. The two new gambler characters and a follow-up of the Aulava-Tiiro episode were not implemented due to a scripting mismatch. The inn is now restored to its original conception.

    H. Restored Encounters

    Originally, there were supposed to be two additional encounters with the warring thief guilds. The first features Shadow Thief Arkanis Gath, and the second delivers an appearance by Bodhi herself. Further research has turned up evidence of two other encounters, as well. One involves some muggers in the Slums, and the other spawns in Shadow Thieves if your reputation gets too low while in the Docks.

    This component also restores the two encounters in the game with Hell Hounds. One takes place in the Planar Sphere, and the other near the Cult of the Eyeless.

    Finally, this component brings back Greyhand, an enigmatic character with a personal vendetta. CHARNAME is not the only one whose life has been affected by Jon Irenicus; Greyhand wants to take revenge by ensuring that Irenicus' plans will never come to fruition, no matter what that might involve...

    I. Artemis Entreri in Bodhi's Lair

    At some point, Bioware intended for Artemis Entreri to show up in Bodhi's Lair (the Chapter Six fight) if you have asked Drizzt & Co. for assistance. This component restores this scenario. It has now been split into an optional component as some people would prefer Artemis to stay out of the game. Furtheremore, there are other mods that restore this scenario.

    J. Corrected "Xzar's Creations"

    When you enter Prebek's home (Xzar's laboratory), you are greeted by several goblins. Originally, however, it seems that, as a necromancer, you should be faced with two ghasts and a flesh golem. So be it...

    K. Restored Hell Minions, by SimDing0

    This component restores some of the aspects of the final fight with Irenicus that were present in the coding but unassigned. This includes restoring innate abilities to his demon minions, and allowing his mislead image to function correctly. The battle will become slightly harder as a result, but nowhere near the level of the Improved Irenicus component of the Tactics mod. Compatibility with this Tactics component is currently undetermined. Special thanks to SimDing0 for his contribution of this component.

    L. Gorf the Squisher Fix, by Gebhard Blucher

    Quote Gebhard Blucher: "A replacement script for 'Gorf the Squisher'. This fixes a common bug with the Gorf/Mazzy sub-plot."
    The original file, along with more of Blucher's work, can be found here. (As of version 18, this component will only be installed if the BG2 Fixpack is not installed.)

    M. Item Restorations

    This component will restore several items that never made it into the game. Some you may recognize from Baldur's Gate 1, while others are completely new.

    N. Yoshimo's Original Portrait

    Sometime during game production, Bioware dropped the original portrait for Yoshimo and developed a new one--the one that ships with the game currently. This component will allow you to give him back his original, pre-release portrait, shown here:


    O. Anomen's Original Portrait

    Anomen was another NPC who had a portrait alteration prior to the game's release. It has been rumored that this original portrait was changed to make him look a bit older--a bit rougher. The original is below:


    P. NPC Portrait Restorations

    This component restores the portraits to the various NPCs found throughout the game. Specifically, character portraits have now been restored to Coran, Safana, Faldorn, Garrick, Xzar, Tiax, and Quayle.

    Q. Corrected BAMs and scripts

    This component restores the corrected inventory icon for the fairy dragon and pseudodragaon familiars, and alters the clone in Irenicus' dungeon to use Ellisime's avatar (of whom the clone is cloned). Furthermore, various creatures and characters throughout the game were assigned faulty scripts (or not assigned them at all).

    R. Corrected Character Names

    This component restores creature names to various characters scattered across Amn. Specifically, names have been restored for Crazyface, Korgan's old cohort; Derrick, the ranger; Malaaq, the genie; Hendron, Lady Delcia's Guard; Maheer, the Blacksmith; Hannah, the Circus attendant; and Lellyn, Mazzy's fallen compatriot.

    S. Restored Minor Dialogs

    This component restores some rather minor dialog in the game. Included are the feral halflings in the Planar Sphere and Anomen's commenting on Ajantis' death. And a few other things - a fix meaning Charming Glaicas should always work, being able to give Simyaz back the Silver Sword in the Underdark, and one of Imoen's unassigned scripts.

    T. Restored Bhaalspawn Powers, by David Gaider

    Quote David Gaider: "These are some extra Bhaalspawn abilities that the player was originally going to develop as he played out the challenges in the pocket plane, but they were cut in favor of the high-level abilities for all classes. There is a different set for good and evil, although many players are going to find that they get a mix of them. Perhaps the only negative is that it may be difficult to figure out what a couple of the powers do, as there is no way to get descriptions for special abilities (These can be found in the readme). For installation and uninstallation instructions view the readme."

    U. Extended Throne of Bhaal Item Descriptions

    Due to "word count limitations," Bioware was unable to include the complete descriptions for many items that show up in the Throne of Bhaal portion of the game. This component attempts to remedy that oversight.

    V. Throne of Bhaal Minor Restorations

    As we work along, we occasionally come across small errors in the Throne of Bhaal portion of the game that we are able to fix. For the moment, they wil be condensed into the component. Presently, the only restoration is an oversight in Sarevok's scripting that prevented him from using a proper soundset.

    W. Justifier Kit, by Andyr

    The Justifier kit was one of two ranger kits that did not make it to the final release of the game. Thanks to Andyr, this omission has now been remedied.

    The description of the Justifier kit is follows:

    JUSTIFIER: Some expeditions are so demanding and some foes so dangerous that they require the attention of a highly trained specialist whose combat skills far exceed those of the typical ranger. Enter the Justifier, a master tactician whose military instincts, fighting versatility, and steely nerves places him in the first rank of elite warriors.

    For a determined Justifier no job is too difficult, no enemy too formidable. Their proficiency with weapons gives them an edge in combat, though the smaller time devoted to magical training leaves them slightly lacking in that department.

    They must be of Lawful Good alignmment.

    - +10% to stealth ability
    - +1 to speed factor and thac0 per 10 levels

    - No access to Charm Animal ability
    - Spell casting ability limited to:
    Cure Light Wounds and Armour of Faith once each per day from level 8
    Luck and Remove Fear once each per day from level 10
    Draw Upon Holy Might once per day from level 12

    X. Feralan Kit, by Andyr

    The second ranger kit that was omitted from the game's release, the Feralan kit can now be enjoyed by all, thanks to the hard work of Andyr.

    The description of the Feralan kit is follows:

    FERALAN: What happens to children who wander in the wilderness and are never recovered? Or worse, those who are abandoned there? Many succumb to the dangers of the wild, but a fortunate few are taken in by animals, raised as a part of a lion`s brood, or a wolf`s litter. Cut off from civilization, they gradually take on the characteristics of the creatures who adopted them, forming some kind of unity with the spirit of the wild. In the process they become feralans, beings who combine the savagery of beasts with the intellect of man.

    Due to their wild nature, Feralans may not be of Lawful alignment. As Rangers, they are limited to Good alignments.

    - +10% to Stealth ability
    - Gains +1 AC at first level, and a further bonus of +1 AC per 5 levels
    - May go into a Feral Rage once per day per 10 levels. The enraged state lasts for 60 seconds, and grants a bonus of +2 to hit, damage, and AC, and immunity to charm, hold and fear, maze, imprisonment, stun and sleep. He also gains 15 temporary hit points
    - May cast Call of the Wild once per day. This summons an animal companion who will fight for the caster for 3 rounds + 1 round/level. More powerful creatures are summoned at higher levels

    - Becomes winded after Feral Rage. While he's winded he receives -2 to hit, -2 to damage and a +2 penalty to armor class.
    - Limited to one proficiency point in Bastard Sword, Long Sword, Short Sword, Two - Handed Sword, Katana, Scimitar, Halberd, Flail and Crossbow
    - May not wear any armour or use Large Shields
    - Maximum Charisma is 2 points lower than a standard member of the race

    Y. Sarevok's Remorse for Yoshimo and Tamoko, by Sovran and Winterine

    David Gaider "would have liked to see Sarevok confronted with the idea that not only was he responsible for Tamoko's death (and delve more into that), but Yoshimo's as well". This component sheds some light on the link between Yoshimo, Tamoko, and Sarevok. In SoA, an extra dialogue between Yoshimo and Charname is added, as well as a small extension to Yoshimo's storyline. In ToB, a dialogue between Charname and Sarevok explores presviously unresolved issues such as Tamoko’s *real* cause of death, which can -- and probably will -- also affect the possibility of Sarevok's redemption. [This is also one facet of the upcoming Sarevok Relationship mod.] If you start a new game in ToB but wish to assume you say the SoA part soon, then using the CLUAConsole to SetGlobal("U!SIlmater","GLOBAL",1) is all that's needed. This component requires ToB.

    Z. The Murder of Acton Balthis, by Kulyok

    Outlined and heavily detailed by David Gaider, this quest is now complete and available in v20 and above. In this adventure, three days after the Planar Prison's quest, Haer'Dalis gets arrested for a murder he has no idea about. It falls to the player to discover the clues leading to the true killer. To solve the murder, you will have to visit Acton Balthis' estate in the Bridge District, Chief Inspector Brega in the Government District, and repeatedly talk to Haer'Dalis in prison. You do not need to start a new game to play this component, however, (SPOILERS) if your party is out of Irenicus' Dungeon already, do not kill Quataris in the Promenade until he signs a confession.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,617
    none were added. some were added into bg 1 ee but not all. for the most part the only ub that had all it's components added was iwd's.

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