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Can Dorn's ToB quest trigger if the SoA part hasn't been done?

NeoNeo Member Posts: 125
I'm guessing it won't work but I just want to make sure. I would have liked to see his ToB quest and kill silver dragons to get the new silver dragon armors (would be good for my Neutral Evil Wizard Slayer as he's very limited on gear options outside of weapons). However, I did the SoA quests for all or most of the NPCs except the ones that required me to keep them in the party for a while (Jaheira, Dorn, Hexxat after I was done the 1st part of the quest, Anomen, etc.) because I already had a party made up of 5 characters I created and was using Keldorn as the 6th. I can't find a CLUA code to create the item (or get to this zone) since it was new with BG2 EE and there isn't as much info on this version. Otherwise I guess that'll have to be for an other BG2 Evil party NPC playthrough.


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