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Can’t get Sarevok talking to protagonist on iPad

(Spoiler alert) Hi, I know this has come up in previous discussions but I could not find any answer for the issue I am having. I’m using an iPad version of Throne of Bhaal and have restarted and played through part of the game several times and can not get Sarevok talking at all to the the main protagonist. I’m hoping to get him to redeem himself but I can not get even the first comment from Sarevok to begin his steps towards redemption. I took him into the party straight away and didn’t make him swear an oath. I haven’t kicked him out of the party at all. Got to the end of the Yaga Shura scenario several times. Does anyone know a solution for an iPad user?
Strangely, about half a year ago, I had no problems generating the desired dialogue and he converted to Chaotic Good by the time we advanced a bit in the Yaga Shura temple. But that’s not happening now. Any suggestions gratefully received.


  • Lost_MageLost_Mage Member Posts: 2
    Actually, I think I have stumbled on the answer to my own problem raised earlier about Sarevok not speaking to the protagonist. He finally said his first dialogue after my party slayed Abazigal - but I think I could have generated that earlier in the game. Just by chance I then left the game running while in Sendai’s enclave. I got two dialogues generated between party members, went away for about 40 minutes and on returning there was the second dialogue from Sarevok. So, on an iPad, to get people talking you just leave the game running - you do have to then respond to the each dialogue as it comes up and then leave the game running again for 15 minutes or so before the next conversation from another party member appears. Might be useful to know for any iPad users out there.

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