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[BG1] KESTOR.DLG problem

Ascension64Ascension64 Member Posts: 560
edited November 2012 in Fixed
O: KESTOR.DLG state 0 has a response 0 that exists; this prevents the other responses advancing the dialogue
E: Remove the response 0 that exists

<<<<<<<< kestor_fix.d ADD_TRANS_TRIGGER KESTOR 0 ~False()~ DO 0 >>>>>>>> COMPILE ~kestor_fix.d~

IF ~NumTimesTalkedTo(0)
~ THEN BEGIN 0 // from:
SAY ~If you're just about done poking about this PRIVATE room, please don't hesitate to get the bloody hell OUT! ~ /* #17430 */

IF ~~ THEN EXIT <-- this prevents dialogue transition

IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~My utmost apologies. I simply wished to know the topic of your meeting.~ /* #17431 */ GOTO 1
IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~You talk pretty big for such a small man. I go where I wish. ~ /* #17432 */ GOTO 3
IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~I assure you, I simply entered the wrong room by mistake. I'll be on my way in a moment.~ /* #17433 */ GOTO 4

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