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Viconia Stutter Glitch Help BG2 EE

Okay so i have been having this bug for the last few days, where in BG2 EE Viconia will stop walking every few seconds. It has gotten very frustrating and any help on how to solve it would be appreciated.

Also, i have used the Romance cheat for any gender, any race, and multiple romances in the BG2 fixpack as well as the banter pack, rogue rebalancing bg2 fixpack, and Dungeon-Be-Gone mods. the bug has started at around the brynnlaw/spellhold area though i don't know if that has anything to do with it. also there was a similar bug in my game that occurred at the heretic temple area on Rasaad's quest, however that was quickly resolved with a CLUAConsole command i found somewhere on this forum.

Any help would be appreciated thanks :)


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