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ArchitecArchitec Member Posts: 7
Hello, I come to bring you from the version (ENHANCED) a new server that I have been developing for a while and I wanted to share the information with this great community.It is a persistent open world with many areas and dungeons to explore and a good endgame at the end to players who have already explored all over the world and dungeons. You will have more content ready to take off in expansion mode once players have progressed enough and defeated the most powerful enemies. If you want to know more information about the server, visit the web, https: //, is available to read its content in English and Spanish, although the server will be in English once it is ON.If anyone has any questions here I am a big hello from Spain


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  • CaomhCaomh Member Posts: 26
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    I have seen your server on the list several times and congratulations on making a server. I do have a few questions for you however before clicking the video.

    You mentioned dungeons, is this story driven dungeons, or simply go in kill everything and leave?
    As a player what sort of game play can I expect? Is it an Action/Adventure, Heavy Role play, none at all? Will I enter a political web of intrigue?

    Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back from you and seeing you in game.

  • ArchitecArchitec Member Posts: 7
    Hello Caomh, first of all happy 2020 and thank you very much for your interest in the server. I am still developing it but it is welcome comments like yours. I perfectly understand your doubts and I hope to help you.Anyway, you can visit the web to get better information (https: //, but I will offer you this information from my point of view of what the server is today and what it will be in the future.First of all so you know a little more about how this is going to be, I have always been very fanatic of the game "EverQuest" and I plan to put my server that same dynamic of the year 1999 when the game was released.In those times of "Everquest" there were hardly any missions and what it was to explore and grow stronger defeating enemies and getting better equipment.
    The difficulty was obvious so as not to penetrate you alone in the most difficult areas or dungeons.

    That is why, on my server, I will continue that same dynamic, complicated fighting in group raids, take advantage of the respawn time of the enemies that you think give good experience and equipment and ride that place alone or with friends the necessary time to continue moving towards areas New and more dangerous.

    Therefore, this is like an open world with many, but many outdoor and indoor areas for all types of levels and farm/loot in such a case of having reached the highest level. The question will eventually expand the world with more areas.

    If you have seen the Trailer, I am telling a story quite similar to the one "Everquest" had with the Mutant Dragon that lies asleep under the depths of some place ... this enemy is only optional for a large group of people to defeat it from this Talk in more detail on the web.

    So the server could be summed up, on a server with a fairly long life expectancy for those who like this type of game dynamics.

    Gold will be essential to buy for example, the epic weapon of your character class, or an entire Set.
    Also tell you that there is an "Endgame" prepared for people who have already explored the vast outside world. It is an area called "Pantheon" where you can access the dangerous planes alone or with friends. Where you can find apart from the sleeping Dragon and to the Architect, to the most complicated enemies of the server.

  • ArchitecArchitec Member Posts: 7

    I forgot to tell you that there will also be special events directed by me every week when the server is running. The details of each event will be detailed on the web.

  • ArchitecArchitec Member Posts: 7
    New news for future players who are interested in the server, first of all thank the visualizations on the page as much as in the trailers on YouTube in such a short time. Well, for those who will play this server when it starts, it You will realize that a long road ahead awaits you since this server has an open world large enough to lose you and have to learn the paths to reach the depths of your most dangerous destinations ... more and more Of course, the reality that in many areas it will be necessary to group with other players to run powerful enemies that will give a greater amount of exp and loot.

    For those who like the dynamic "EverQuest" type of 1999-2001 here I come with this NeverWinter server capable of simulating that style of play in a 100% extensive world
    World of Darkness is your server if you want to stay in it for a long time. We still don't know the server's departure date, we are in an early development but it is progressing very fast and well worked with many ideas and already many created areas .. .but we want more ......
    For this reason, I will continue to keep those interested in these Posts informed about new news. There is a Last Trailer on the day the server's departure date is announced. blood for your future enemies in "World of Darkness".
    : D

    PD: If someone wants to ask something, don't doubt it.

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