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White "tear" lines (artefacts) frequently appear around some animation

Hello every one. Here is the problem:white line (artefacts) often appears around animations, do you know how to deal with it? These artefacts are occasionally seen as small "tear" lines between each image cycle of the bam at certain zoom levels, I have tried toggling on/off the following graphical settings: Nearest Neighbor Scaling, Sprite Outlines and Highlight Selected Sprite, but it seems that they are not responsible for this issue.



  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 201
    edited December 2019
    I'm experiencing this on a regular basis as well the past few months for some reason. I can't help wonder if it's accursed Microsoft's auto updates to Windows 10 and/or drivers (been pulling out my hair trying to disable the auto updates for the past year).

  • imp51096454imp51096454 Member Posts: 28
    edited December 2019
    Hello, I'm experiencing this on ios device, I think this issue should be attributed to the game engine, similar problem was seen in Siege Of Dragon Spear, too. However, I didn't found any artefacts is IWD, which means by converting the main engine of BGII to IWD (especially graphical rendering engine), the problem might possibly be solved, I have contacted the developer, but it seems that they are unaware of this issue...

  • imp51096454imp51096454 Member Posts: 28
    edited December 2019
    As shown in the upper figure (fire shield), you can see clearly that the white line is surrounding the animation of "dimension door", instead of the animation of fire damage. The annoying white lines are less frequently seem when two animations are not overlapping eachother.

  • imp51096454imp51096454 Member Posts: 28
    edited January 8
    After discussing with my friends, we concluded following possibilities:
    1.It might be attributed to the Zoom In/Out function, which was introduced in EE, and can perfectly explain why this artefacts were not displayed in origional BG2. Also, in 1.3 version, character names were shown directly without any black block background, sometimes, toggling on highlight tool will generate more artefacts.
    2.Some configuration in EE (to make the engine compatible with up-to-date devices) will disrupt Alpha channel, resulting in artefacts.
    3.Algorithm of animation performance: after division, the animation is little bit larger (1 pixel remainder) than theoretical expectation.

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  • imp51096454imp51096454 Member Posts: 28
    edited January 6
    By the way, BGII in console (Nintendo switch) have not encountered this problem yet...

  • imp51096454imp51096454 Member Posts: 28
    edited January 7
    By comparing files in data folder between BG2EE v2.5 and v1.3(free of this problem), I found shaders.bif exclusively existed in v2.5, after extraction, I got a lots of GLSL file. Here is the definition of GLSL file--
    "GLSL file is an OpenGL Shading Language File. OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is a cross-language, multi-platform application programming interface (API) for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics. The OpenGL Shading Language is a high-level shading language based on the syntax of the C programming language."
    I was wondering whether it will help to get rid of these disgusting white lines by modifying these files...

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