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Protector of the Second and the joy of RPying

Until now, after the fight with the "little amazons", I was never using the armor "Protector of the Second". I loved the description (nice background for the armor), but that gear seemed to me not very interesting. So I used to sell it - by the way, I have always been puzzled by the fact that it is more valuable than the Studded Leather +1, which is a better armor due to the AC modifications (piercing/missiles).
But now, I have started a new playthrough - this time, not with my precious halflings - with an elf ranger. And when I found the armor, I told myself that this is THE armor for her: it used to be the armor of an elf ranger, a woman as well, so it will perfectly fits her. So, OK, she would better benefit from the Telbar armor, but I think that from a RP point of view, the "Protector of the Second"fits her better !



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