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RFC - TlkEdit project git repo

I made a git repo of the TlkEdit project. I am hoping to expand on the project, any input is welcome.
Is this tool still considered useful or are there much better ways to work with 2da, uti, tlk files without it?
2DA, uti and tlk editing can still be a tedious affair for even small changes - for example I recently changed the name the Kama to Pick and needed to change the custom tlk entry, the uti file and the baseitems.2da file just to do that. Later I made a bunch of changes to a bunch of items and the process was error prone even with this tool.

The git repo is at TlkEdit.

My first task is simply to get this project building and making the .exe files again from edited source. If anyone has any experience with this project and would like to help me get going with it please let me know. I am not yet sure I have it all set up right or know how to build and run it in full: for instance when I run the TlkEdit configuration I get this error message:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
	at org.jl.nwn.tlk.editor.TlkEdit.main(

Process finished with exit code 1

My problem now lies in knowing how to work with all these tools - intellij idea, launch4j, whatever build system is in use, etc, rather than with java code with which I have some previous experience.



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