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Icewind Dale spell effects mod for Baldur's Gate?

Daeros_TrollkillerDaeros_Trollkiller Member Posts: 215
Does anyone know if there is a mod to use the spell effects graphics from Icewind Dale in BG:EE and BG2:EE? I know there is a mod for the casting graphics, but what I am looking for is the actual "hit" effect. For instance: when you hit a monster with an ice effect spell or weapon in BG, there is a blueish white cloud, but in IWD it looks like icy spikes, and they both have a different sound.



  • wolfguardianwolfguardian Member Posts: 7

    That is a great question, icewind dale spells look way better to me as well.

  • Daeros_TrollkillerDaeros_Trollkiller Member Posts: 215
    Since I've posted this, I've decided to get into modding these games and learned quite a bit, and I've tried playing with these hit effects. I haven't been able to to sort it all, but I did discover that hit acid does not have a visual effect associated with it, and it also seems to prevent other hit effects from being shown, however the damage still occurs.

    Also, some spells' hit effects *do* play the visual effects from IWD, such as cold-based spells, but the original cold dmg effect plays along with it, nearly masking it.

    It would be nice if I could figure out where these hit effects are pulling the animations from, they almost seem hard-coded based on my very limited and novice-level modding efforts.

  • imp51096454imp51096454 Member Posts: 53
    edited February 2020
    Unzip this file in your override folder, it contains my self-modified fire and electric damage effect, cold effect imported from IWD as well as bloody gore effect
    by the way, your portrait is so cool :# elder Charname?

  • Daeros_TrollkillerDaeros_Trollkiller Member Posts: 215
    Thank you imp, I will check this out when I am able. Since I've posted this, I've taken it upon myself to become a modder so that I can make the mods I want :) Still a novice, imo, but my most recent mod is up on G3.

    I found this portrait many years ago, when I was looking for new portraits to use in-game. I have no idea who created it.

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