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RE: Some of These Old Models Still Have Life in Them

PstemariePstemarie Member Posts: 191
Been reworking the fire and frost giant models and, much to my pleasant surprise, despite being somewhat low-poly and off anatomically, they made a viable base for some subtle reworking.

I've re-scaled both according to their sizes in the MM (12-feet for fire giants, 16-feet for frost giants) and retooled some of the meshes, adding beards to each. I also made the fire giant's anatomy more dwarf-like and changed its skin-color to charcoal black. I left the frost giant's armor as is (either or hide for 3e or chainmail for 3.5e), but changed the fire giant's to chainmail (per 3e). Although it could pass as a breastplate I suppose (they wear plate in 3.5e).




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