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Mutts have gone missing at the De'Arnise keep

I know that most people make the soup when confronting the lower levels of the keep, but in this playthrough, I decided to spare the pooches. However, it seems that it was all in vain, as they are still not present in the courtyard after completing the quest. I know they were still present just before the final push, so I was shocked to see them gone when the party emerged later.

Is this a bug?


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,588
    edited March 16
    yes as you gain ownership the whole area is changed so not only they disappear but whatever item you have stored in a container or not looted is missed forever. the pre ownership and post ownership areas are actually 2 different ones afaik, maybe is even possible to console the party in the previous one and meet there the dogs, even if i never actually did try it.

    i suggest you to rp that the dogs had flee as soon as you did open the keep gate, poor boys they was so freaking frightened with all those trolls around, and that now they are fine and have found rescue in some farm near by.

    i sometimes make the soup, but only when i want to milk all the xp as i fight the hulks without using it, for more challenge and fun, then i use the soup, xp is given even if the hulks are already dead.
    but when i do it i feel so guilty, not for cheating, for killing those cute dogs.

    EDIT: once, years ago and with the not EE version, while playing a LG charname i actually did not loot a single item, included the flail heads, as i was there to rescue lord d'arnise and help his daughter, so i had no right to loot. and i was really disappointed when charname become the castle ruler to find out that not only all the loot, but also the flail, was lost forever. so i had to play the rest of the game without a weapon that is really powerful and useful until the last ToB battle. :)

  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 1,072
    Yeah, if Nalia isn’t staying in the party then it does feel a bit evil to loot the place!

  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 496
    Mantis37 wrote: »
    Yeah, if Nalia isn’t staying in the party then it does feel a bit evil to loot the place!

    Yes, but you can use the flail on the trolls, and if just happens to end up in someone's pack on the way out...

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,588
    what is worst in not looting the place is that when you face that ugly acid b**** of nalia's aunt and she tells that she is sure that you have looted all the family goods you lack of the proper answer.

    and yes, nothing wrong in using the flail to kill the trolls, in war and in love everything is allowed, but i can not believe that a single player/party has left the keep with the flail being not aware of what they had in their bag, or more likely in their best fighter's hand :)

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 408
    The Flail is my favourite item in the game without doubt.

    And Nalia’s aunt is a more cuddly version of my (former) manager.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 121
    You could use the console to re-spawn them maybe? I wonder if you could still kill them to make soup in the new area or version of the keep?

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,588
    sometimes i must console one of them and console it in the party.
    maybe if i run a mage with a cat as familiar.
    i love animals and having a dog and a cat with him would be great for my charname, if there is also a certain miniaturized space hamster even better.
    Aerie wrote: »
    kill them to make soup
    afaik to eat dog meat is a taboo in many cultures, in my country it is allowed to kill cows, pigs and other animals to feed people, but is not allowed to kill dogs for that purpose.
    one of the few cultures i know where eating dog meat is allowed is the chinese one, do you have chinese ancestors by the way?

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