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I need advice and help to learn to override armor and clothes (Solved!)

castagnopoliscastagnopolis Member Posts: 6
Hi guys,

Long story short, more than 10 years without touching NWN, I bought EE and I'm hocked again.

Task: override armors and clothes appearance using Eurgiga’s robe based content.
Proof of concept: override nw_cloth017 assassin’s garb, with a new design.

Using userpatch.ini I set Eurgiga’s EursRobePack, I tested that it was working and then I started the following process.

1. I created a Module, imported EursRobePack into it, created a copy of the assassin’s garb and edited it to create a new look that fits mine taste. Then I exported it as .erf file


2. I edited the Erf file and edited the new cloth .uti by pointing to the same template ResRef in the blueprint items (nw_cloth017) and renamed the .uti override nw_cloth017.uti, here is a comparison between the original and custom assassin’s garb:


My edit

3. I put the nw_cloth017.uti as a test in the override folder

I started the Original Campaign and also a module and this is the result:


As you can see, it is "kind" of working, but that is not the cloth I created, is calling another robe, and the pallet is not the same either, in the inventory is still called assassin’s garb, but it does not look like in the toolset.


I used NWN Explorer to check if I was pointing to the right model and yes, I’m pointing to the right one, and when I use the toolset and I open the original assassin’s robes, looks like my override, but not in-game.

Things are coming back and I was able to do some interesting things, but cannot find the right tutorial to do this.

Some advice.


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  • castagnopoliscastagnopolis Member Posts: 6
    I made it!
    I discovered the problem.
    Because I’m using userpatch.ini , the Patch folder has priority over the override folder, thus, files from project quality clothes were taking priority in the load order.

    Y merged the 2da files and created a new hack, that I loaded las with the new robe 2da and new nw_cloth017 and now is overwriting OC.




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