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Mod Question - Is Sword Coast Strategems compatible with Tactics?

thendrichthendrich Member Posts: 5
Hi, all.

I'm going to start using mods with BG2. Is SCS compatible with Tactics?

Thank you!




  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 1,071
    This is covered in the SCS readme.

    Conceptually? No.
    As a whole? Also, no.

    Some individual tactics components may work together with SCS.

    I'd recommend SCS, but tasted may vary.

  • thendrichthendrich Member Posts: 5
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,494
    I have the Irenicus fight from the Tactics installed (on tom of SCS). Of course, all the enemies during that fight are also SCS enhanced.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,584
    i never tested tactics and scs together, but i am sure that with much older, pre EE versions of scs many players played with both installed.
    now scs is different so probably only some components of tactics should work with scs, i would say the added content, so chateau irenicus, irenicus in hell (last soa battle), the ritual, the lich in the docks, the acid kensai, the red badge, probably the random encounters in the city and possibly the enhanced fire giants in tob.
    but not the components that enhance the ai, that work is better done by the scs equivalents.
    i would also say that tactics has to ber installed first so scs can enhance also its fights.

    having not tested it and not having a real knowledge about the present scs version i can be wrong and off course is possible that the changes in the ai and in some game mechanics screw up the ai of some tactics battles.

    thendrich wrote: »

    I'm going to start using mods with BG2.
    i would say that tactics alone is really overwhelming for someone that try it from a vanilla experience.
    right at the beginning, in the first dungeon, the reaction of a first time player is to scream:"this is impossible, not fair at all, it is a joke!".
    and this usually happens before you meet the really hard enemies, when you meet the replacements for the usual goblins and minor monsters, when you meet ilich and his durgars...
    at the time tactics was the most used difficulty mod so many players used to install also dungeon be gone as that first dungeon was too hard for them, then, with more equipment and levels it becomes at least more manageable.

    and scs, if you install also the most difficult components, is as well not a joke at all.

    combining both, beyond the technical problems of doing it correctly, is way too much for who come from a vanilla experience. but surely to play scs with the tactics last soa battle should be doable and as @JuliusBorisov tells is possible.

    anyway i suggest you to install and play at least the first tactics soa dungeon, maybe as a standalone, playing only it and then starting a scs run.
    it is an experience that a player that want challenge and is willing to test his skill should not miss.

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