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SOD > BG2 items question


Got around to finishing my SOD save that I had left untouched December 2018 :D Burned out from too much BG1 I guess since it was my first time toying around with the new EE stuff.

My question is thus: there are some items that appear in BG2 if you've completed SOD. Do I have to have these items in my own characters inventory for them to carry over? Or is it good enough if someone in my party has them assuming I'm importing the save instead of the character file?

While I'm at it, I'm assuming I need to have those things on me and it's not enough that I've just completed SOD? I think I sold a couple of those items before realizing this is a thing so I'm wondering if I should activate the console to get them on me if I want them to appear in BG2.

Thanks for your time.


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