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Looking for a casual Persistant World with some specific features!

I am curious if there are any persistant worlds out there for NWN Enhanced that cater to or focus on the following:

- RP centric but not heavily enforced at all times. Some days I just wanna be silent and people watch / adventure
- DM Events
- Soloable or Party driven (meaning I can play Solo OR in Party, and both playstyles are supported). As a note I am mostly a soloist, so I lean more that way vs party play due to how I play and my schedule.
- Quests that can be done with or without DM intervention so I can adventure in the way I want to play

I am open beyond that to world style, size, ect. In fact, more unique worlds and settings tend to interest me more vs established stuff.

I just basically want to be able to play by myself when I want to, or with others, and RP when I feel like it or just be quiet and chill. I dont mind slow leveling or anything as long as there are interesting stories either preprogrammed into the world or run by DMs, and an interesting world to explore that doesnt punish me for playing the way I like.

I was trying to browse the Beamdog server browser online but I cant tell which servers would actually fit me!

I do like worlds that us NWSync though, as those appear to be the easiest to get going with and require the least amount of work on my end (I work full time and have limited personal time, so ease of getting running is best!)

If you have a website or wiki for your server that you want to pitch me please include it so I can read up on it, as I am trapped at work!

Thanks in advance, can't wait to hear about your favorite PW!


  • BalanorBalanor Member Posts: 168
    edited March 20
    Well, since no one's replied to you yet, I'll propose you take a look at Thay and the Underdark

    To your points -
    -It is RP focused, and people are expected to RP with others when they interact with them in-game, but if that isn't your style, all we ask is don't interfere with those that are roleplaying

    -We have a small-ish DM team that usually runs a few events per week, sometimes announced ahead of time through the in-game journal or our Steam site, sometimes they're just impromptu. There's currently a month-long campaign being run by our Head DM regarding the Crown of Horns, for example.

    -Solo and party play are both supported, however solo is certainly more challenging.
    However, we are actually in the process of testing a large new feature for our next server update which should make solo play much easier: the ability to hire Mercenary Henchmen. One particularly useful feature of it is the ability for a player to create and convert a PC to a henchman of another PC, which gives "ultimate" control over exactly how your henchmen are setup, and leveled up.
    We've also implemented an Associate Control system (given to each PC as a feat) that you can use to give more specific commands (attack a specific target, trip that trap, follow that PC/NPC, etc) to your followers as well.

    -We have a persistent quest system that provides an unlimited number of 10 varieties of quests, and almost 50 unique questgivers that provide a custom reward upon completion of their quest. Our quests range from the obligatory "fetch me this item" quests, to the more Thay-specific quests like "assassinate this person" or "free this slave", to the more unique quests like "win this gladiator match" or follow the clues on a treasure map and get to the booty where X marks the spot.

    As a fair warning though; the PW is slow leveling (average level range is around 5-10, but we have a few at level 15+) and solo adventuring, as mentioned, can be challenging. To be honest, most people who've tried it over its 12+ year of existence it don't like it. But maybe you will, who knows.

    Good luck in your search.

  • EbonstarEbonstar Member Posts: 105
    Arelith has most of what you seek, although we do ask you stay in character, but being quiet isnt penalized

  • GM_ODAGM_ODA Member Posts: 177
    Argentum Regio : City of Dohral has all that, is HUGE allowing you to solo explore a vast game world (1337+ areas). Run the tutorial area so you'll know how to use all the cool features (swim, fly, jump, climb, more)... and you'll have a great fun time. PM me and I'll be happy to give you a tour of the tutorial zone (and a few free smokebombs too).

    Be well. Game on!


  • Phantom_SpacemanPhantom_Spaceman Member Posts: 6
    edited May 17
    You might find we fit the bill over at The Frontier! We have a very active community on Discord and run frequent DM events, some impromptu but most are scheduled. The only HAKs we use are from CEP.

    The world itself is vast with plenty of solo quests to complete for NPCs, tons of secrets and hidden areas to discover and rich with lore. On top of quests there are repeatable bounties for some unique and named monsters. All named monsters have a chance to drop loot unique to them, which can be fun to collect!

    We are a RP server but it isn't forced if you'd like to go off and do your own thing, we just ask that don't break other peoples immersion.

    Check us out if you like!

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