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Feel bad about Sorc

Hello guys,

Some how, sometimes games makes me feel bad about things.
In BG series, i always feel bad when i don't take Imoen with me after Spellhold. I don't remember the last time i finished the game without Imy. In IWD for a different reason, i feel the same way about the class Sorceror...
I have less (wayyy) experience in IWD series but the game makes me strongly feel that it isn't design for sorceror.
I red here that this kit wasn't in the original IWD. Does some of you have the same feeling and can't play with sorceror beacause of this?

I'm actually playing in very hard, few reloads with:
Dwarf Defender, Berseker7/Cleric, Ranger/Cleric, FMT, Sorceror and a Bard.
This team is solid, i think, for non HOF challenge in any case but when i see the lack of scrolls, i feel that i'm missing a point of this game. I don't know if i'm clear with my explanation or i'm just mad with this quarantine stuff ....
I don't know, maybe i'll restart without sorc
Avenger, Bard, FMT, Berserker7/Cleric, Fighter/Cleric multi, Dwarf Defender
Less less arcane magic

Happy quarantine !


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,191
    for me, i know IWD very well and in my opinion ( because of my knowledge of IWD ) the sorcerer is way too good for IWD, so for that reason that is why i mostly don't play IWD with one

    if you notice in IWD spell placements are very specific helping keep the curve of spell learning at bay ( even more so in the non EE )

    but with sorcerer you can get those later spells much earlier than you are supposed to and it can make your play throughs way easier

    so for that reason that is why i dont choose sorcerer, and even by itself, if you have high knowledge on what spells are good and what are wastes of time, sorcerers are far superior to wizerds because they don't need to memorize they before resting and you can cast any of your spells when need be

    now granted if you are a new player than perhaps wizerd type classes are better because then you can experiment with the huge arsenal you have making wizerds better, but once you understand the IE games magic system sorcerers are just SO much better

  • SouplesseSouplesse Member Posts: 112
    Thank you for your insight.
    Can you tell me your team « standard » without sorcerer. To appreciate the needs in term of arcane power ?

  • SouplesseSouplesse Member Posts: 112
    Thank you sarevok57!
    Very cool to read your thoughts about the game. As I said I’m a BAldur’s gate player and I only play few times to IWD2.
    I enjoy IWdee and it’ll be better with your help.

    I saw that you don’t play with a bard. As a new player, I want to play with one cause everybody says that there are great in IWD. Maybe after hours and hours you don’t need one.
    So I think I’ll mix a straight bard with a multi mage, probably a cleric/illu gnome. Think will be enough ...
    I can’t dual my thief cause I can’t meta gaming on traps or locks!
    Thanks again, gave me perspectives

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 859
    edited April 5
    You'll spend almost the entire game in IWD at low levels, where multiclass characters are much stronger overall than their singleclass counterparts. A couple tips to help you with character creation:

    * Mage-on-mage battles are nonexistent so you don't need to worry a whole lot about tactics and in particular have almost zero need for inquisitors and berserkers who were uber in BG2.

    * Lots of enemies resist slash/pierce weapons so you won't go wrong with points in flails and maces.

    * Scrolls are rare in this game, if you elect to put multiple arcane casters in your party then it won't be unusual to have spell slots go empty because you haven't run across any scrolls of that level to learn. This doesn't mean multiple mages are a bad idea, but it does mean you have to think carefully about who to give scrolls to instead of assuming every mage will quickly be able to acquire every spell.

    * There is almost no role-playing, nor do you ever encounter mental-stat-draining monsters like mind flayers, nor will you ever be casting spells like (limited) wish. This means you can safely knock INT/WIS/CHA down to 3 on every character except those who need one of the three for casting.

    * Strength-boosting items are less plentiful in IWD than BG2, so half-orcs are king if you're taking a multiclass combination that allows them, otherwise you want to reroll until you get 18/91+ strength.

    * Traps/locks never give XP which was the main reason to carry a thief in BG and especially BG2.

    Taking all those things into account, I would recommend:

    2 half-orc fighter/clerics (can make one a ranger/cleric for variety)
    1 gnome fighter/mage
    1 fighter/mage/thief
    2 sorcerers (can make one a bard or druid for variety)

  • SouplesseSouplesse Member Posts: 112
    Ok jsaving, it’s a different point of view! You totally dump duals and GM for multis !

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 859
    True but @sarevok57 knows what he is talking about and either approach will work great. Best wishes and good luck!

  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 817
    Nowdays i dont use kits and mainly use single classes. Not powergaming but i like that parties. My last party was:
    Dwarven fighter
    Human paladin
    Human ranger
    Half orc cleric
    Half elven bard
    Elven fighter/thief
    I may use swashbuckler dual class to fighter, but whatever i like to dont have downtime :)

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