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I want to report a few bugs I witnessed in BGII:EE
1. if you refuse Valygar and let him leave, he will be at the second floor of his residence, but if you havn't killed the gnome illusionist bounty hunter, he will be there too, and ridiculously asking you "can you tell me where I might find Valygar?", despite the fact that Valygar is standing just beside him...
2. In AR1404 and AR1400, ---temple ruins before and after the elimination of shadow lord, there are few tree branches that are poorly blended, as they are brighter/dimmer than the surrounding environment, and you can see clear boundaries that form a rectangle. After looking that the game files, I noticed that these glitches are attributed to the wrongly referenced bam in .are files, namely 1400T001,1400T002---1400T005, these references are just pointless, I don't know why they were referenced as animation in these two .are files...I have just deleted these references and the glitches are fixed.




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