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Removing the Exp Cap in BG1


I'm using the Mac version bought from the AppStore so I'm a second class citizen on here and can't install BG:SOD.

I've reached the experience cap with a Dragon Disciple. Is there anyway to remove the limit in BG1? I've got a few mods installed what when combined with the base game mean that I get a lot more experience points, so I've reached the max before doing Durlag's Tower of BG itself!

Also, is there any way to play BG1 with the BG2 engine?

As I said, I'd buy BG:SOD but it's not available on the Mac App Store and Beamdog refuse or are incapable or uninterested in helping.

Thanks a lot for your help


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,544
    This mod looks like what you want.

    Unless you've got mods that add vast amounts of new content, you're unlikely to get much past 250K with a full party; my latest run nullified most of the resets that happen when you load a save past the cap, and ended up with the protagonist at about 240K. Still, 250K would let your sorcerer pick up a 5th level spell, including possible spells that you can't get as scrolls in BG1.

  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
    Thanks a lot, yes I think one more level with my character will take me through the rest of the game nicely!I I took a look at the mod and it looks great, but I can't see any links to a download them? I thought I might be able to just copy the existing files into the Override Folder and edit them, but I don't seem to have them in my base install?

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
    Hi, I found them with a bit of Fishing, works great even with a Saved Game. If I understand correctly this mod gives all the benefits of a new level with the exception of High Level Abilities. I doubt I will get that far with this character, but at least I can complete BG1 and import it BG2.

    Thanks again!

  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
    Although I won't get the HLAs in BG1, if I import my character into BG2 (at say, level 18), will it give me the HLAs that I would have got in BG2?

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