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Current mod guide (mod recommendation) for EE

Hello everybody,

since I don't really see through all the mods or compatibility, I would be happy if someone, who has an idea of the whole thing, could help me with it. :)

Is there a recent guide / recommendation for the mods that are compatible with the PST EE from GOG?
So that you can play through the game with no issues / bugs.

Thanks in advance.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Hi @NukeDukem, and welcome to the forum.

    The is a thread for mods, which take you to another page which talks about modding.

    I have used all the mods mentioned with no problems. On top of that, there are a couple of others that you would find looking through this area of the forum. All are good to go for the GOG version (actually no difference with Steam or Beamdog versions).

    Bags of Torment (Bags of Holding) // I dislike inventory management
    Items of the Planes (Various Item addons) // Haven't used yet

    The Power of Belief (Priest Kit, although only at v0.1 at the moment) // Haven't used yet
    Undivided, Keeping NPCs Around // Haven't used yet

    PSTEE Unfinished Business Reloaded (A Must have if you have finished the game once)

    and a number of small Tweaks/cheats can also be found within these pages. The ones I have used:

    Resizeable Combat Log
    LevelUp Tweaks
    Detect Traps

    Hope that helps
  • NukeDukemNukeDukem Member Posts: 2
    Many thanks for your response.

    I had also seen the thread - I was just irritated because it is 3 years old and thought that there must be something more up to date.
    It was also mentioned that one or the other is not yet working as reliably or is not yet so "mature".

    Kind regards and have a nice weekend
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