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How can I maximize damage reduction?

I’m looking at using either a barbarian or dwarven defender as a point man to attract physical attacks.


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,256
    edited May 9
    The dwarven defender special ability provides 50% and its natural resistance at high level 20%. If you use the Defender of Easthaven flail that's another 20% for a total of 90%. There's a helm that gives you 50% against crushing damage, so it's easy to push that over 100%. You can also get over 100% by using the rat form from the Cloak of the Sewers.

    A barbarian also has 20% naturally at high level and can add 40% from hardiness and 20% from the flail for a basic total of 80%.

    Classes that can use priest spells (like paladins for instance) can use Armor of Faith to get 25% resistance - add hardiness and flail for 85%. However, that spell can be dispelled.

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