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[Bug] Planar Sphere apprentice graduation hard-locks the game

Right after entering the Planar Sphere, my gnomish cleric/illusionist is met by Teos teleporting in to inform me my apprentices are graduating. I believe this is the proper stage of that quest.

However, after he says "Oooh, I'm all nervous." the game appears to lock up. The party and Teos just stand there looking around (default idle animations, I think), the HUD is gone, and I can enter no commands - like a cutscene, but not one I can skip by pressing Escape. In fact, I have to use Windows Task Manager to close the game.

I could just avoid my own stronghold for the rest of the game... but I'd really rather not!

Any tips, including any workarounds, including using EE Keeper or console commands, are welcomed.

I am using the Unfinished Business mod but nothing else.

Attached is a save file.


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