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Looking for the easiest way to cheat some romances.

I'm getting ready to import my BG1 character into BG2 to start playing it for the hundredth time, and I wanted to try something. I've got a male elf, but I'd like to see the content for the Hexxat and Viconia romances. Since neither of those will work with a male elf I'm looking for the least modding-intensive way to get around it.

For Hexxat, I was wondering if equipping a Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity would be enough to get me past that initial gender check without having to go digging around in her scripts and editing things. I don't care if the dialogue from her later doesn't match the actual character gender, I just want to try out the romance path for her without starting a new game or messing with too much modding. I've seen this question asked before but never answered, but if it works that would be great.

For Viconia I can't actually think of an in-game way to cheat past the race requirements, so I guess I'm going to have to do some modding. Is there a function in EE Keeper that would let me get past that?

I imagine if I could actually get both of those started they wouldn't even conflict with each other, because I think the script for Viconia just looks for conflicting romances with Aerie and Jaheira and I doubt Hexxat's scripts are looking for Viconia since that should be impossible.


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,277
    For both cases you can use EE keeper to change your race or gender, wait for the romance to start and then reverse it (race and gender checks only occur at the first lovetalk).

  • foster79foster79 Member Posts: 30
    DJKajuru wrote: »
    For both cases you can use EE keeper to change your race or gender, wait for the romance to start and then reverse it (race and gender checks only occur at the first lovetalk).

    Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know!

  • RyofuRyofu Member Posts: 250
    How to romance Hexxat as a male

    1. Get EEkeeper
    2. Open your save game with EEkeeper after recruiting Hexxat
    3. go to the global variables tab in EEkeeper
    4. Add the following Variables

    HexxatMatch =1
    HexxatRomance =1
    HexxatRomanceActive =1
    HexxatLovetalks =1

    then save the game.

    Load that game and Hexxat can now be romanced as a male. Test it out or accelerate using


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 778
    edited May 13
    Actually, the Hexxat romance doesn't follow the same variable naming conventions as the original BG2 romances. It still uses the LoveTalks and RomanceActive variables, but there's no Romance or Match variables; instead there's a local variable that just serves to ensure the starting script only fires once.

    Her script, on the first opportunity, sets the following variables if the protagonist is female:
    (global timer) HexxatLoveTalksTimer = EIGHTEEN_HOURS
    (global) HexxatRomanceActive = 1
    (global) HexxatLoveTalks = 1
    (local) OHH_hexxatromancecheck = 1

    Skipping the timer and setting the other three should put you in a position to trigger the first love talk right away.

    Incidentally, the exclusivity requirements only check against other romances that have overlapping requirements. Hexxat won't have a problem if you're also in a committed relationship with Aerie, Jaheira, Neera, or Viconia.

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