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What has to happen before a certain time in the storyline?

I want Imoen in my party with the romance option for her on and I want her there for as much of the game as possible. So all the strongholds and sidequests, etc, I want her there with me.

my question is can I rush getting the 15k gold for Gaelan, go whack some vampires and then go to Spellhold and get Imoen, or will I break something by not taking care of it first?


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,024
    Uh, do you mean you installed the Imoen Romance mod? Because Imoen's not one of the romance choices in the vanilla game.

    If you did, however... As I recall, the IR mod's romance content is largely separated from the events of the game's main plot, meaning that it'll take place independently of whatever side quests and exploration you did or didn't do. There are a few lines that Imoen would interject during some of the major side-quests, but it's not THAT much and it has no impact on the romance, so you wouldn't really be missing out.

    On the other hand, if you're asking if there's any of the original side-quests that will no longer be available in Chapter 5 (after you finally get back from Spellhold), that I'm not too sure about. Maybe somebody else here will know more.

  • DinoDinDinoDin Member Posts: 804
    edited May 18
    The only quests with a truly consequential timer on them in the un-modded game are those associated with a companion.

    It can be difficult to list all of them, because sometimes the connection is pretty slim. For example, if you speak with the little boy Delon in the government district about the Umar Hills quest with Minsc in your party, that starts a timer where Minsc will leave the party until you travel to Umar. You can still get him back if you travel there. Most of the rest are pretty obvious and generally require you to have already been prompted by some event that your companion then wants to resolve (i.e. Nalia, Jan, Anomen). The only other that might be unexpected is, iirc, Korgan and the planar sphere quest, where he will oddly insist on that as well as his initial Book of Kaza quest.

    So, generally speaking your plan should work without a problem. Avoid the government district's plaza if you have Minsc. My suggestion is to do something easy like the Maevar stronghold quest to raise the gold. Many of the companions, however, will require you knock out their initial quest, some of which are lengthy, stronghold-related ones. Or risk temporarily losing them. Like I said with Korgan, same for Keldorn, Valygar, Nalia and more.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,859
    If you mean that you installed the Imoen Romance mod, there's 2 dreams with her that you need to see before going into chapter 3. They happen after the vanilla dreams.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    i would say that no side quest is closed after going to spellhod, but be aware that some of them have timers.
    once i had witnessed to the dialogue between a follower of the unseeing eye and a priest and i was invited by the priest to reach him at his temple to activate that quest, but i went to spellhood and after returning from it i went to the temple. too much time had elapsed and the priest did not give me the quest any more as probably a timer starts when that dialogue happens.
    if i remember correctly, as it happens maybe 15 years ago, i lost both the quest and the chance to meet and recruit keldorn, as he probably spawns only when the quest is activated.
    it is also possible that for other quests the same happens, ie if you talk with nalia, lord frikraag and the boy from the umar hills, but i am only hypothesizing it as it never happened to me.
    while i would say, without being completely sure about it, that if you trigger a quest, ie you actually go to the temple or the umar hills and do the dialogue when you receive the quest, you have unlimited time to complete it. but as i tell i am not 100% sure of it.

    be also aware that doing that way the underdark will be a lot harder and then the chap 2 quests much easier then usual. the game somehow compensates the level of some enemies, ie with the unseeing quest after the bridge you meet at very low level a couple of gauths, at high level some beholders and gauths, but overall the quests are designed for the level a party has in the chapter they are originally intended to be done.

    i would say that a safe and more balanced route to go is to leave some sure quest undone and to avoid to collect the quest reward for the others then go to spellhood.
    after returning with imoen you can do the undone quests with her for more content with her in the party and collect the rewards of the already done quests to have also her benefit of the reward xp.
    this and the free xp she magically gets in the asylum, that is party level dependent, should avoid to have her underleveled compared to the rest of the party, and anyway being her a single class mage with some basic thieving skills and use of the thief weapons she levels up quite fast compared to multi mages like aerie or jan that take forever to reach the high level spells.

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