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Strangely slow new character movement speed using BGT

I played the crap out of bg/totsc/soa/tob back in the day, and every couple of years I come back to series for some more fun. A couple of years ago I decided to just buy the EE edition, and I'm generally glad that I did, but in my past 2 new games I've had a very strange error: My pc is a little bit slower than the other characters in the party. I had never used Shadowkeeper/ EE keeper, but was so frustrated by this issue that I downloaded it and edited my characters. I had to add 3 to their base movement to get them to move at the same rate as the rest of the party. Has anybody else seen an issue like this?

I'm using dsotsc and ntotsc mods, plus bgt fyi.


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    i don't play with those mods so i can not help you.
    but are you sure that pc is not overloaded by the weight he carries in his inventory?
    probably it is not the case, but sometimes happens to us all to overlook so simple things...
    i hope this helps, if not i am not able to help you any further.

  • MossackFonsecaMossackFonseca Member Posts: 3
    Yeah it's nothing to do with what he's carrying. I just finished all the bg1 content and started bg2, when I added nalia she now also has the "slightly slower" bug. I tried resting and removing all equipment too...only thing that fixes things is shadowkeeper. I guess I'll just do a complete reinstall once this character is done, and try different mods or no mods at all maybe next time.

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