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Deck of Many Things: What's the better pick for a Kensai?

The bonus strength or the +3 ring?

If I pick the STR, it will go from 23 to 24. That means 1 extra THAC0 and 1 damage. On the other hand +1 AC and saves (compared to the +2 version) is also useful, and I can use potions to reach 24 STR when needed. On the other hand (again) the AC bonus is almost useless in ToB, and having "pure" 24 STR is badass. There are no other party members, so that's not a factor.


  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 809
    deck should always be used in this order : Donjon - Ring+3 - Hitpoints

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    @SirBatince true, but also fool as 3rd pick can be really interesting as it lowers wis (that can be fixed by remove curse later) opening an interesting infinite xp loop using the limited wish to kill vampires. and most of the npc mages have a too high wis to do the trick with their natural stats.

    not all the players like to use that loop, not all the parties can survive the vampires, but there is no doubt on which choice is more worth it between 10 more hp on a single character and how much extra xp you like for all the party.

    this does not apply to the solo charname of this thread, but for full parties with a cleric and a mage and levels high enough to cast limited wish and turn vampires it can be a very interesting choice.

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