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BG2 Full Player Party - Last Member

Hey all,

I'm thinking about adding a sixth member to my in-progress BG2 (or starting over, only in chapter 2), as I have no interest in adding any NPCs this run, but like the feel of a full party.

Currently I am running with: Cavalier, Fighter/Cleric, Archer, Illusionist/Thief, Diviner.

Would like to add some flavor (shaman, bard, maybe another caster, assassin?), but having some trouble deciding. Anyone have any recommendations on a fun 6th class with my current group?

Thank you,




  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    edited May 18
    monk, not the strongest party member at low levels but a very good investment for the future as at high levels rooks.

    skald or blade, bards even so nerfed in EE remain a very good class, even if item hungry, they need all the best items to rise their thac0.

    FD or F->D, more mlee capability and the powerful druid spells: insects, ironskin, aerial servant and fire elemental and later the elemental prince (that can be gated at the same time also a deva or planetar is gated), nature beauty and so on.
    with that party you can afford to dual it not too early, probably lev 9 is the sweet spot, but optionally you can even reach lev 13, the dual becomes a very strong caster much sooner, jaheira and the multi need 6M xp to go from one lev 7 spell to all of them, at the cost of GWW and the other fighter hla and some thac0. both ways are viable, but i would go for the dual as you can play jaheira as multi in other play troughs while the dual requires a dedicated build.

    FMT, even more arcane capability, UAI in a toon that has actually thac0 to fight and not only to stab (SNT offhand is good even in late tob), he can use the SoTM to dispel on hit like the cavalier can use carsomyr, but with more options, ie he can hide together with the illusionist/thief and land the first dispelling strike on a protected mage as the MT a split second after kills him with his stab.
    and they working in tandem can open each fight with 2 stabs or clear whole areas with multiple stabs, like have one stab. run away, stop in the right place so as the enemy tries to to trough his stoneskin is in the perfect position to receive the stab from the other.
    he is slightly under leveled being a triple class, but it is not an issue, with the right gear will have more then enough thac0, has his arcane spells to tank better then the paladin or the FC and will get access to powerful hla like GWW, time trap, that last right enough to cast TS then have 3 high apr rounds to do damage, and GWW.
    i would say that in your party is the better option as it gives you a 3rd arcane caster, a perfect untouchable tank that can not be dispelled thank to SI, a 3rd front liner with thac0 and apr (later GWW and assassination) and you don't have redundancy in thieving at all.
    not only 2 thieves allow more tactics like the one i mentioned before, but being multi and not jan (that has some special equipment) can invest their thieving skills in different ways. one can focus on finding traps and the other in disabling them and opening containers and doors, one can focus on detecting illusions and the other in setting traps, as long as they can both hide you are set to go and have better overall thieving skills in the early game then a party that runs a dedicated single class thief.

  • CapashanCapashan Member Posts: 7
  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    please when you have decided let us know who will be your 6th men ;)

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 533
    edited May 19
    That’s already a great party. As you have the various roles well covered, I would go monk as Gorgonzola says, they don’t need carrying too long in BG2 and this party will initially carry them well, or cleric/mage to have fun playing with contingencies and numerous other C/M tricks

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    CM is indeed very strong, but there is the same problem that we have with FD and monk, aerie, rasaad and jaheira are already in the game, while playing a custom party is the perfect way to try builds that npcs don't use, like F->D, FMT or C(of lathander)->M and skald.

    all the proposed builds are strong and good for that party, but imo to play something we can not play using npcs is an added value as we can normally customize charnames, but not test the synergy between builds that the npcs don't use. it is more related to learning new things and tactics and having fun then to the raw power, as that party is already set to go without the 6th member and very strong.

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