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Player Characters with Non-PC Racial Type Login as that Race

Hello there,

I am sure most of you know this bug, where if you modify the Racial type of a PC to say Shapechanger they would always login as a Werewolf. Same would be for Monstrous -> Minotaur and Animal to Leopard, etc.

While scripting wise I did find a way to handle such things easily on OnClientEnter, its still not done smoothly and there is a delay until the appearance is rechanged. For Roleplayers this could mean the end of a secret concept, when they crash and relog as Lycanthropes.

Is there perhaps some way to handle it without using the SetRacialAppearanceType() function? Perhaps some way to disable this feature for PCs so they actually keep logging in based on their saved appearance? If not is there anything else that can be done to ensure a smoother operation?

Thanks in advance!


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