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Cleric/Thief through the trilogy, which weapons? kits?

I've had SOD since it came out and never had tried bringing along Glint. Loved pretty much everything about the guy. He's been a staple in my thief-less or cleric-less good/neutral groups since I started playing SOD. Eventually I was surprised how useful he was as a cleric/thief being able to buff, heal, scout, disable traps, set traps, etc. Yes the thieving button on the back screen is annoying, but Its almost like having two (or more!) party members in one slot so its not that big of a deal to me.

I thought about making one of my own, and going through the entire trilogy with it. I'm pretty much set on doing an ee-keeper'd dwarf cleric/thief instead of gnome or half-orc. I love gnomes, but I've done them to death now (thief/illusionist, cleric/mage, fighter/illusionist). Same with evil groups so this one is going to be neutral or good-aligned. I like to RP a bit with my characters and was thinking up which gods such a character would follow. I was looking through the list below and the only ones that I saw that this may work with is Vergadain & Marthammor Duin? Are there any others from other domains that would work I overlooked?

I planned on adding the swashbuckler kit to the thief side too. I know about the beefy backstabs you can do later with staff of the ram but backstabbing with a staff just sounds silly to me. When I play thieves, I far prefer setting traps to backstabbing anyways. The other thing I was wondering about was:

May Specialize (two slots, -1 THAC0 bonus, +2 damage rolls bonus, but does not gain extra 1/2 APR) in any melee weapons available to Thieves

Assuming thief/cleric here, would this only apply to clubs and quarterstaves? If so, is there a mod that opens up dual-classing weapon proficiencies between the two classes more?


swashbuckler/cleric - what gods would such a character follow, and which weapons are best to use through the trilogy for this combination?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,121
    A technical note: using EEKeeper to grant the swashbuckler kit won't work like you want to. You'll get the primary kit feature of combat boosts as you level, but you won't get the ability to specialize in clubs and staves, and you won't lose the ability to backstab. You also will get access to the Assassination HLA, rather than the Whirlwind Attack that thieves get.
    All of these except the backstab multiplier can be remedied by going back to edit in EEKeeper after level-ups; only refraining from stabs will help in that case.

    If you want the class features to work properly, you'll need to go deeper and mod in a proper multiclass kit.

  • MukuMuku Member Posts: 14
    Oof. That sucks.

    I didn't think it would be so much of a hassle so I guess I'm looking at the other kits now unless I want to dual-class swash/cleric as a human. That also answered my question about the specialization being restricted to clubs and staves.
    I mean I knew swash couldn't backstab anyways, was just hoping specialization worked for multis.

    So unless I mod this in or go dual class as a human...back to the drawing board. So I guess either bounty hunter or shadowdancer?

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,121
    The other thief kits? They're not actually better; now you're looking at the wrong number of skill points each level since it reads from the cleric/thief entry on that 2da rather than the kit's entry. Problems with wrong backstab modifiers and wrong HLAs may also be present. Instead of going back to re-edit every few levels for a proficiency, you'd have to go back to re-edit every level for skills.

    I tested with a cleric/BH multi; create at level 1/1, change race from gnome to dwarf, change kit, then give experience to the BGEE cap.
    Racial save bonuses - update correctly when I leveled, as expected.
    Skills - seven levels of thief added 175 skill points, not the 140 a bounty hunter should get.

    Level-up screen:

    The specialization would work in a multiclass, in the sense that if you gave your character two pips in an appropriate weapon you'd get the right benefits. You just wouldn't be able to select that second pip in the level-up screen.

    Cleric kits ... well, those would work in a multiclass. At least, the relatively simple ones that exist without mods would. That's also a fairly short list of gods that probably don't fit your flavor well. (LG Tyr, NG Lathander, CN Tempus, NE Talos, LN Helm)

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