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Nalia Stronghold Refusal

As per it seems that Nalia will stay on as a companion only if you are strong in your refusal/lack of interest in listening or offering help in anyways. I'm currently playing as a F/M multi and had intended on taking the Planar Sphere as my one stronghold. Because I responded in an empathetic manner, Nalia wouldn't join my party afterwards and is currently standing outside her drawbridge - my only two dialogue options are to accept the stronghold or (apparently) refusing and her leaving the game. Is there a way to trigger the initial dialogue once the keep is cleared or an EEKeeper variable I can manipulate so I can have her join the party w/out having to accept the stronghold?


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,300
    Hmm, have u got a saved game from inside the keep? You could EEkeeper your character to another class , talk to her and then Eekeeper yourself back to the original.

  • craymond727craymond727 Member Posts: 208
    Unfortunately, no - I usually do a better job of keeping buffer saves but don't have one in the keep or close to quest start (otherwise I'd either delay starting or re-choose dialogue)

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,300
    How about clua consoling Nalia from ToB? I think the code is Nalia25 or something. After that you can adjust her level with eekeeper.

  • craymond727craymond727 Member Posts: 208
    edited June 2020
    Would that mess up her SoA dialogue/post-Keep quest? I usually try not to fiddle around too much so I'm unfamiliar with how it impacts the game

    Edit: Added Nalia to party using CTRL+Q and seems to behave normally - I can remove from party and send to Copper Coronet without issue thus far

  • DonaldDonald Member Posts: 5
    Yes, I'm sure there is, but I wouldn't know how to do it. You'd probably have to figure that one out on your own.

    I find that it's best to just take what you get when you play through these RPG's. You'll be happier and less distracted if you just keep playing. Taking a break to try and manipulate the road you've taken is ultimately going to cheapen your experience.

    If you really want the Planar Sphere, just leave Nalia where she is, go do the Planar Sphere and after you've taken it as your Stronghold come back to the Keep and finish it up.

  • craymond727craymond727 Member Posts: 208
    It appears that as long as you don't force a decision with Nalia (either taking the stronghold or refusing and kicking her from game), you can complete another stronghold quest without issue (at least for Planar Sphere) before speaking to Nalia again, where the dialogue choices will be to take her in your party or refuse. Taking another stronghold blocks the fighter stronghold but changes Nalia's dialogue (seemingly without issue).

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