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Custom changes to .mod file now appearing in-game.

Somehow I was not given Eltoora's key at the Cloak Tower and I didn't realize until I was 14 hours into the campaign. So I decided to try and make changes via the Aurora toolset to get the key. :smile:

I have Neverwinter Nights EE purchased from

I copied Chapter1.nwm into \Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition\data\mod and changed the extension to .mod. I opened the .mod in the Aurora toolset and edited the Cloak Tower Area by adding a crate and placing Eltoora's key in the Inventory of the crate. I saved the mod as a different name because I got a message saying that I would not be able to open the mod in-game if I saved over the original.

So I copied \Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition\data\mod\Chapter1.mod and \Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition\data\nwm\Chapter1.nwm to a safe location, then I overwrote the files in those directories with the newly edited mod having the crate and key (for the .nwm file, I changed the extension of the .mod file to .nwm and used it to overwrite the file within the nwm directory).

Upon running the game, the crate did not appear in the Cloak Tower.

So next I copied the original .nwm and .mod files back to their original locations inside their respective install directories. Then, I placed my edited Chapter1.mod file inside C:\Users\User\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\modules path, but this did not work either. I also placed the Chapter1.mod file inside C:\Users\User\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\override, again with no luck.

So is what I am doing even possible? And if so, what am I missing?


  • AncarionAncarion Member Posts: 155
    edited June 2020
    Unfortunately, that won't work. Fortunately, the workaround is easier.

    1. Resume your save game wherever you left off
    2. Type `DebugMode 1
    3. Put your cursor somewhere on screen that is easily accessible to your character
    4. Type `dm_spawnitem m1s3key2
    5. The key will appear in the game at the location of your cursor. You can then just pick it up
    6. Finally, type `DebugMode 0
    7. Continue your game

    In case it's not clear, the first character before DebugMode is the tilde

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