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c/m/t debait

my family does alot of 1 and 2 edition rule set and ive always had a pnp swashbuckler mage cleric futher more ive asked then the rules on that and heres what i was told a half-elf gnome and halfling are allowed to role that way

however they are restricted to robes or elven chainmail for armor but can wear helms and bucklers also may use any weapon with the hla use any item further more they only get a handful of divine spells

limited to the neutral allignments however do get divine spell limits these spells are proper destrupted among the levels for example

group death ward resurrection and flame strike is a level 6
spell heal and insect plague is lvl 5
true sight and dispell ,miscast magic are lvl 3
cure serious wounds ,protect from evil 10ft radius , defensive harmony are level 4
flame sowrd remove curse, cure medium wounds, is lvl 2.
for level one you get neutralise poison, cure light wounds sancuary


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